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Best Foods for Your Skin

YWG - Mar 2020

There are plenty of foods that you can eat pre-wedding to look radiant and glowing. These foods are full of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. They help your skin become more elastic and youthful. Know these super foods to have perfect skin on your wedding day.



Olive Oil:

Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E which protect the skin from premature aging. It also prevents skin damage caused by free radicals. It works as a natural moisturizer for the skin and does not clog pores.




Kiwi is a delicious fruit that is full of vitamins like vitamin A, C and E. kiwi is loaded with anti-oxidants that rejuvenate the skin giving that glowing look. It also plays a major role in renewing the skin cells. Kiwi contains omega 3 fatty acids that maintain healthy cell membranes.




Carrots are rich in vitamin A that is very beneficial for the skin. It prevents skin aging keeping the skin vibrant and glowing. Carrots contain beta-carotene which is very useful as it renews the skin cells and protects the skin from sunburns.




Walnuts are the powerhouses of omega 3 fatty acids that heal common skin problems like dryness. Walnuts help the skin look younger and healthier as they contain large amounts of anti-oxidants. They also protect the skin against harmful UV rays.



Green Tea:

Green tea is well known is treating skin problems as it is full of anti-oxidants, enzymes, amino acids and phytochemicals. Green tea flushes out toxins from the skin and reduces inflammation. It improves skin elasticity and fights aging. It heals pimples and break outs. It also regulates hormonal imbalances that are the main cause of acne.



If you want a radiant skin, you can eat these foods that are very nutritious for you. They will nourish your skin from the inside out giving you that glowing texture.


By: YWG Team


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