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Zuhair Murad New Breathtaking Spring 2021 Bridal Collection has Arrived

YWG - Jul 2020

Zuhair Murad has been a pioneer in the fashion world for almost a decade now. He has cemented his name in the high fashion industry with his capability of constantly putting forth new, beautiful, elegant designs season after season that represent opulence and modernity. From his ready to wear to his bridal, Mr. Murad is known for carefully curating his fabrics and themes to fit a story that every crazed couture fanatic or fashionista would dream of being a part of. So naturally when we heard his Bridal Spring 2021 just came out, we were jumping for joy and gawking at the magnificence.

The theme of this season is heavily focused on flower fields around the world, creating a story of a beautiful bride wandering through these different flower fields embracing the beauty and delicateness of nature. He carefully portrayed this through his designs by using simple floral patterns and light pastel colours.

Throughout his design journey this bridal season he carefully selected his fabrics to display a sense of romanticism and lightness at the core, with gentle colours of off-white, soft peach, grey lilac, pale green and light ivory dominating the collection. With the usage of timeless silhouettes he creates an aura of glamour and modernity that convey a message of hope, tranquility, and serenity.

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