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The Ugliest Celebrity Wedding Dresses Ever

YWG - Mar 2020


ugliest celebrity wedding dresses

Every bride wants to look special, unique and pretty on her big day. looks like some celebrities got this one wrong! The problem is, these celebrities usually wear the best dresses on the red carpet, but why on earth would they choose such ugly dresses for their wedding day? I mean just because they can afford designer dresses does not mean they pick the good ones.

Dear all, behold the world's ugliest wedding dresses worn by your favorite celebrities.

1. Emma Thompson

emma thompsonemma ugly dress

In 1989, Emma Thompson got married to Kenneth Branagh, but we're not sure if that was her wedding dress or she was just wearing it because she’s about to start singing folk songs that attract sheep from all the British villages.

2. Celine Dion

celine dion ugly dress

Celine Dion got married in 1994 to her manager Rene Angelil. Inspired by Marie Antoinette; Dion wore a seven-pound headpiece that was sewed into her hair. EPIC FAIL.

3. Mariah Carey


In 1993, Mariah Carey married Tommy Mottola from Columbia Records. I don't even know how to begin describing this dress, but I am sure she got this huge flowers bouquet to cover it. This is the ugliest effing dress I've ever seen.

4. Jodie Marsh

Body builder Jodie Marsh wore a deep red draped wedding dress for her big day. She looks like she came straight outta hell.

5. Lady Mary Charteris


The aristocratic model, Lady Mary Charteris wore a cutout bodice and tulle ruffled wedding dress for her big day. Nothing can really describe this dress except that it was so ugly and trashy.

6. Luisana Lopilato


Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, Michael Buble's wife, wore a lace layered skirt and fitted satin bodice that made her look like a cheap Barbie doll.

7. Coco


Model and actress Coco got married to co-star and rapper Ice T in 2002. What on earth was she thinking when she chose this ugly wedding dress? It even barely covered her chest making her look like a prostitute.

8. Tina Turner


We love Tina Turner, and she's well known with her exotic and bizarre dresses, but what the hell is that dress?! In 2013, Turner got married to Erwin Bach in the world's ugliest dress. She wore a lime green or dark green or vomit green and black wedding gown with black sheer pants under it. Wait, was this dress designed in hell?


By: YWG Team


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