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Latest Jewelry Trends for 2016

YWG - Mar 2020


latest 2016 jewelry

From chains to hoops earrings, this year, fashion designers pushed the boundaries with these sensational jewelry trends. If you're that kind of a person who loves wearing a simple outfit with a statement necklace or earrings, then you will fall in LOVE with these absolutely gorgeous pieces we've seen this year on the runways in all fashion weeks. Jewelry has never looked so good…

 So, get ready for the latest 2016 jewelry trends that are worth pinning to your board

1. Head Cases

head cases 2016 head cases 2016

2. Ties

ties 2016 women ties 2016 women

3. Chokers

chokers 2016

4. Crystals

crystals 2016

5. Long Statement Earrings

earrings 2016 earrings 2016

earrings 2016

6. Chains

chains 2016

7. Silk Scarves

silk scarves 2016 silk scarves 2016

8. Brooches

brooches 2016

9. Hoops Earrings

hoops earrings 2016

10. Stones

stones 2016

11. Long Necklaces

long necklaces 2016 long necklaces 2016

12. Fringed Statement Pieces

fringed statement pieces 2016


By: YWG Team

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