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10 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Valentine's Day

YWG - Mar 2020

Valentine's day is the day we celebrate love. The date 14th of Feb. comes once a year and it has some pretty interesting hidden facts you’ve probably didn’t know about.

#1 Flowers are the star of the day

The number one selling gift on Valentine’s day are flowers. And guess what? men like to give flower bouquets to their partners, 73% of men buy flowers. About 189 million roses stems are sold in the United States on this holiday.

#2 Marriage proposals rise in February

After december, february is the second most popular month after december. The average number of marriage proposals on Valentine’s day is 220,000.

#3 Women buy more gifts

Women buy 85% of all the gifts!

#4 Women send themselves flowers

It may sound crazy, about 15% of women in the US send themselves flowers on this day. Talk about self-love!

#5 Red roses are the symbol of love

You may know this one, but do you know why are they the symbol of love? First of all red is the color of love and stands for strong romantic feelings. Secondly, the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love.   

#6 Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Who wouldn’t love a box of heart-shaped chocolate on the day of love? Over 1 billion dollars are spend on chocolate on this day every year and more than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold.

#7 In Finland, it’s the day to celebrate friendship

The Finns believe it's more important to celebrate your love for your friend than your loved one.

#8 Every country celebrates it differently

For instance in Egypt we have our own very different date for it, cause we always thrive for to be unlike anyone else.

#9 Single people celebrate it too

No partner for Valentines day? No worries, you can celebrate being single, cause it’s also Singles Awareness day.  

#10 It has a pretty sad history

Rumor has it, Valentine was imprisoned and fell in love with a jailer’s daughter and before his death he sent her a letter signed with “from your Valentine.”  

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