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8 Tips for Ramadan Gatherings and Meeting the In-Laws

YWG - Mar 2020

Meeting the in-laws is a huge step for your relationship and making a good first impression is very important. Since the Holy month of Ramadan requires a lot of family gatherings and get-togethers, make sure you make a good first impression. You wouldn’t want your future husband/wife's family to think less of you, so here are a few tips on how to spend a pleasant time at family gatherings without making a bad impression.

1. Be polite!

Don’t make bad comments! Whether about the building, the apartment, food, decor, outfits, anyone or anything. Be polite as much as you can! when someone offers you something say thank you and smile. Make sure you keep your manners at all times, especially your table manners, don’t talk while chewing, don’t chew so loud, don’t laugh so loud (Hold it till you are alone with your loved ones), don’t curse, don’t yell and no matter what don’t lose your temper. 

2. Don’t show up empty handed

It won’t be a family gathering unless everyone showed up with something in their hand. Think thoughtfully about what you should get, don’t be lazy and buy the first box of chocolate you see. Ask your partner what the host likes and ask beforehand if any of the invitees are allergic to any type of food that way you know what to avoid when making your purchase. You wouldn’t want the family gathering to end badly, would you?

3. When someone offers you something, take it!

If you don’t like something don’t go right ahead and say “I hate it!” if someone offers you a piece of Date and you absolutely hate it politely say “no thanks” or “maybe later”. Don’t give any disgusting looks or be rude about it.

4. Dress nicely!

Whoever said someone else's attire can make or break first impressions was right. Make sure you dress properly like an actual future daughter/son-in-law. Nothing too short, nothing too flashy and nothing too extreme. Look presentable as much as you can. You are about to go meet your future family.

5. Don’t talk so much about yourself

Maybe listen to others more than you talk and don’t judge. If your future husband/wife’s cousin decides to tell you their embarrassing story don’t judge, nod and say I hear you. Don’t try to make them feel bad about themselves. And don't talk about yourself like you are the mayor of the town, be humble, no one likes a brag.

6. Be super friendly to children and the elderly

You never know who might be judging you when they see you dealing with the children in the family. If you are not good with kids, someone might think you are not fit to be a mother/father thus, you are not the ideal partner for their son/daughter. And being nice to old people shows how kind you are, don't ruin it! 

7. Respect your partner

When people are around, especially his/her parents don't scream at your partner's face, and don’t get me wrong you should respect your partner all the times. But don’t do something that would grab attention don’t yell at them or get mad at them. Save the fights for later, when you are alone together. You want to show that both of you love and respect each other not the opposite. 

8. Treat them like FAMILY

And they are family, your family, respect them, appreciate them, compliment them and thank them for including you and making you part of their Ramadan family gathering.

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