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10 Guest Book Ideas that will definitely leave an impression!

YWG - Mar 2020

Aside from the amazing photos your photographer will be taking, as well as your wedding video, your wedding guest book is one of the few mementos you’ll get to keep as a token and reminder of your very special day. 

 Your Wedding Guest book is an amazing opportunity to get creative. Long gone are those typical Photo-Album-like guest books that scream old fashioned, Nowadays, people tend to sway away from the ordinary and choose to innovate the traditional wedding staple into something much more unique and fun. 

Since we made a vow to always remain up-to-date with the current trends, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite, unique Guest Book ideas that will sure leave an imprint of who you are to your guests. From Piñatas, to Polaroids, to puzzles; which one will you opt for as your guest book?


Piñata Wedding Guest Book

Ask guests to write a note, place it in your piñata and then burst it open on your anniversary to find love notes and mementos from all your best friends and family. This is a fun and playful way for a guestbook and it will add a cute, different feel to your guest book.


Heart Drop Wedding guest book

One of the more popular guest book ideas in recent years, heart drop guest books are widely available to buy online or could be easily DIYed. They would add a sweet spin to your guestbook and are very easy to preserve after the wedding. 


Jenga Wedding Guest Book

Jenga is a very popular old game that has somehow regained popularity recently. It would plent of nostalgic feels, especially if you happened to play it a lot when you were a kid. It’s simple to put together, fun and readily available in any toy store. This is how it would work, purchase the Jenga blocks, set it up as if you’re about to start a game and ask guests to remove a piece, sign it, and then place it back on top as if they’re playing a regular game. This idea can be easily implemented because it’s both inexpensive and would entertain younger guests.


Jigsaw Puzzle Guest Book

Jigsaw puzzles are loved by many, and would work as another playful and simple guest book idea. Purchase a set of blank jigsaw, set the pieces in a basket and ask guests to sign a piece with a sweet, sentimental message before placing it. Watch the guests solve the jigsaw little by little, with the final piece being a jigsaw puzzle of sweet notes from your loved ones. It’s a puzzle you will cherish for life. 


Polaroid and Washi Tape Guest book

Probably one the most popular guest book ideas this year, provide guests with a Polaroid camera (or 2 depending on numbers) and ask them to take a photo each. Prompt them to take that photo and stick it on a blank photo album using a washi tape of your choosing. If you want to add something, you could make them write down a word or two underneath each photo. 


Dictionary inspired Wedding Guest Book

This one is much more literary. Never met a game of Scrabble or a crossword puzzle that you couldn't dominate? Then chances are that you live for your dictionary. Place colored felt-tip pins out with signage explaining that each guests should circle a word that describes the two of you, and then add a little note in the margin. The result will be the most beloved dictionary you will ever own. 


Stepping Stones Guest Book

This is another guest book idea that has been floating around for a while. Provide your guests with a vase filled with flat stones and give them dark markers. The idea of this is to make them leave messages on a stone and drop it back in another vase. It’s simple, fun and an inexpensive way. It’s also pretty unique and different. 


Wanderlust Guest Book

If you and your husband are the kind of pair who enjoy travelling and aspire to travel all around the world, this type of guest book will be very suitable and fun for you. Get and old glove from any stationary store as we as some markers. Have your guests sign on it, highlighting the cities they are traveling from or destinations they know the couple is interested in exploring.  Great idea for brides and grooms that have either a case of wanderlust. It’s also pretty easy to implement and inexpensive. 


Thumbprint it!

These can be easily DIYed with many great printables. Use ink kits or paint for your guests to leave their fingerprint and make sure to provide baby wipes for guests to clean the ink of their hands. Tell them to leave a message beside their thumbprint. It’s another unique way and a rather personal touch your guests can leave with you forever. 


Map and Travel Wedding Guest Book

Love to travel? Vintage postcards, maps or globe guest books are ideal if you have a travel theme or if you simply adore an adventure. Collect cool postcards from your travels, find a stylish map online or source a globe you're happy to graffiti, and ask your guests to sign with a message of their choice - alternatively ask guests for suggestions on where to travel next.


Tips and Hints for Creating the Perfect Wedding Guest Book

  • Make sure to leave a sign instructing your guests what to do. It might also be a good idea to ask a family member or good friend to oversee the guest book table or area reminding guests to sign so you don't end up with a half full guest book. 
  • Make sure to provide lots of pens, markers, paper, ink... whatever it may be so a few guests can sign at any one time
  • Test your pens out in advance to make sure they work (and stay!) on the surface your guests will be writing on.

Your Wedding is a very special occasion, the wedding guest book is a way to treasure some of the memories and keep them with you forever. Because no matter what, a girl would always remember that day, forever.

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