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4 Things A Bridesmaid Should NEVER do

YWG - Mar 2020

Being asked to be a bridesmaid in your friend's wedding was an honor, but now the onus is on you when the big day arrives to do that job to your best ability, regardless of what little road bumps or hiccups may pop up along the way. It's easy, once you're together with all your old friends, to forget that you have a reason you are there, and it's not just to be an honored guest at the wedding. Being a member of bridal party comes with responsibilities. Here, four things a 'maid should never, ever do.

1. Don't oversleep.


You don't want to go MIA on the big day when you were supposed to be on hand for beauty appointments at nine o'clock in the morning. While you might figure you can do your own beauty regimen at a less obscene hour, the bride has likely prepaid or financially committed to the services she scheduled for you. And she has a specific look in mind for her wedding party that those stylists she hired are going to make happen.

2. Don't go AWOL on the bride for even a short period of time.

She asked you to be part of her wedding because she thinks she can count on you no matter what. Do not let her down. On a wedding day, something as simple as the bride forgetting to bring her deodorant to the hotel can become a minor disaster if her backup best-gal doesn't pick up the phone.

3. Don't complain.

Pretend you love your dress, shoes, flowers and everything else on the wedding day — this isn't the time to even hint that you think her dyed-blue floral bouquet selections are actually hideous (another reason not to have too much to drink). Your job is to be supportive and positive and tell the bride how great everything looks.


4. Don't run from controversy on this day.

The bride may need you to play referee with family members or other bridesmaids who have been fighting. Frequently, part of the wedding party are family members the bride was obligated to include, and as her friend, you should try to make them feel welcome and shield her from them if they behave like less-than-model bridesmaids.


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