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Wedding Bouquet styles that will make you the envy of everyone!

You can't go wrong with a classic white wedding bouquet. Depending on which stems you choose, a white bouquet can achieve any type of style. Calla lilies have a chic modern edge, roses give off an air of classic romance and peonies lend that lush, whimsical feeling to any arrangement. 

A bride's floral arrangement is arguably the second most important part of her outfit, ranking immediately behind the wedding dress. Therefore, we encourage you to a put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle! If you're wondering how to make your bridal bouquet extra special, it helps to turn to some inspiration. Luckily, we've got you covered with some of our all time favorite arrangements. The bundles here feature some of the most creative shapes, memorable shades, and beautiful flowers out there.

No matter your style, we think there's something ahead that'll catch your eye. That's because we've spotlighted such a wide range of clutches. Some of the following arrangements are definitively seasonal—you'll love the many fall bridal bouquets, for example. Others adhere to certain themes, like rustic, modern, and tropical. Plus, there are many that embrace totally unique color palettes.  

Get inspired by some of our favorite white wedding bouquets and mark the gorgeous stems they're made with.


Choose flowers with significance.

Whether as an ode to your hometown—like integrating maple leaves into your bouquet to pay tribute to your family’s maple tree farm—or a token of your favorite flower, using flowers of unique significance in your day-of arrangement adds meaning and charm.


Integrate non-traditional elements.

Incorporating eclectic elements like fruits, berries, and other components, adds originality. Making a hand-tied bouquet with an assortment of flowers like antique green hydrangeas, cafe au lait and burgundy dahlias, as well as pepperberry and bay leaf, will definitely add a little touch or uniqueness. 


Embrace a neutral palette.

If bold hues aren’t your thing, going with tones that reflect more of a neutral color scheme can work in favor of any bridal style. You can achieve this romantic look by using neutral-toned florals like “large fluffy peonies and garden roses with minimal greenery.”


Let your gown set the aesthetic.

Bigger isn’t always better. Your bouquet should be beautiful and should include your favorite blooms, but it should not compete with your figure or the silhouette of your gownThe intricate details of and embroidered lace gown for example, will complement the delicate intricacy of a bouquet which features the same details. 


Combine differing styles.

Just because you prefer an arrangement of traditional blooms, doesn’t mean you have to stick with conventional design elements throughout the entirety of your day. We suggest playing with a tasteful assortment of styles—modern with traditional, boho with black tie, etc.—to create an aesthetic that fits you and your personal aesthetic. “Modern chairs and traditional florals? Why not! Style combinations can be done and can be done well.


Leave it to the experts.

When finalizing the details of your bouquet, there’s no one better to lean on than the team of experts hired to guide you throughout some of the day’s most overwhelming decisions. For ideas that surpass the wedding norm, and that are tailored to you and your wedding style, we advise that brides put their faith in the experts to create an arrangement that will best suit their specific vision.


Play with color

Adding color to your arrangement is a great way to create a hint of whimsy to your wedding aesthetic (and day-of photos!) as well as tie-in tones from a bride’s nontraditional gown. Professional photographers advise that you use a colorful arrangement to add vibrancy to your wedding photos. While Some brides may shy away from color, We find that bouquets are a fantastic and surprising place to play with different hues.


Highlight a bouquet of the same flower

Creating a monobotanical arrangement is not only sophisticated—it can also pair seamlessly with a modern wedding style. We suggest a cluster of white Lilies for a bundle that’s both timeless and elegant.


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