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10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Cairo Wedding Festival - Season 3

YWG - Mar 2020

Every step you take in your life should be directed at the same goal. And Cairo Wedding Festival is made to attain all your wedding goals. But in order to take part of the ultimate luxurious bridal event, you need to understand what it is first. Based on the success of the previous two seasons of Cairo Wedding Festival, we bring to you a grander and greater season. Cairo Wedding Festival Season 3 is a must go for all brides. Here are 10 reasons why you should drop everything on the 3rd of November, 2017 and head for CWF at Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo.



1. All in one place

Wedding shopping can often be a hassle. You shop for furniture in one place and then shop for jewellery in another. Not to mention that you would definitely go to the end of the world to shop for the perfect dress. And of course being not so experienced in wedding shopping, there are things that are completely alien to you. How to book your honeymoon or what is the best honeymoon destination? What are the bridal makeup trends for 2017 or where to get facials before your wedding? You feel so stressed over this lack of experience. But what if we told you that you can do all that at the same place?



In only one place, you can meet hair stylists, fashion designers, wedding venues, beauty experts, makeup artists, photographers, jewellery designers, wedding planners, honeymoon planners, spas, catering services, florists, you name it! Anything under the umbrella of weddings will be right there waiting for you. You will no longer turn a blind eye toward anything in your wedding because you will have everything right there in front of you. We will guide you through it all!


2. Meet the best of the best

Not only will you meet everyone, but you will meet everyone of the best quality. At CWF, we deliver topnotch quality service. You will meet the best of the best. Get to meet prominent beauty experts for a dazzling look and the beauty tips of a lifetime, captivating photographers, steadfast wedding planners to make the wedding of your dreams, among many other outstanding experts in the fields of beauty, makeup, fashion and many more.



3. Have the time of your life

Wedding shopping doesn't have to be stressful anymore. On the contrary, you might as well have fun doing it! The whole event of course will be so much fun, from a breathtaking fireworks show to an exquisite heavenly buffet.  Not to mention the many activities you can make in an environment-friendly atmosphere.




4. Exceptional discounts and offers

Who doesn’t like discounts and offers, right? Get discounts on EVERYTHING! All clients are offering special discounts and offers which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

5. Raffles

Wait for even bigger surprises at Cairo Wedding Festival. You might even win a free honeymoon!



6. Fashion and Jewellery show

The catwalk lights up with the latest fashion as well as the most elegant sparkling jewellery from the most renowned names. Get to know all the 2017 trends.



7. Get Your Wedding Guide and Cairo Wedding Festival Catalog 2017

Get exclusive access to the latest editions of the best seller guide in the Middle East “Your Wedding Guide 2017” and “Cairo Wedding Festival Catalog” at the event. Discover the biggest names in the wedding industry from makeup artists, hair stylists, wedding planners, fashion designer, and honeymoon planners to wedding venues, furniture and much more. Explore the top new trends and wedding ideas of 2017.



8. Interaction

Seeing all the vendors and communicating with them in person makes a huge difference. It is what builds trust and credibility. Instead of having everyone misinform you and say exaggerated prices, know the truth for yourself.



9. Celebrities

Get the chance to meet the biggest, most fashionable and glamorous celebrities and superstars who set the trends and are a source of inspiration.



10. Get inspired

The whole point of Cairo Wedding Festival is to make you inspired. Get inspired to carry on your vision of your dream wedding. We will definitely inspire you with an abundant amount of information that will put you on the right track.

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