Home Planning Do you have a dream wedding? What about having one at the beach?

Do you have a dream wedding? What about having one at the beach?

YWG - Mar 2020

There are a lot of venues where you can set your dream wedding by the beach and enjoy the beautiful view whether in the afternoon or at night such like Al Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Al Sukhna, Sharm Al Sheikh, Dahab, Ras Sudr, Soma Bay and NorthCoast
Yet it's very simple to prepare for it because sea views are always enough and it don't need any exaggerations in decorations just considering the perfect weather for your wedding.


There are a lot of different patterns and themes for a beach wedding and it's very simple as you should just know what and how to do?


1-    Planning around unpredicted weather

As a bride to be you need at first to make sure of the weather forecast as i's very changeable especially in Egypt. For example: for the summer the weather could be very warm and hot, so if you're renting an outdoor tent you should ask for central ACs or fans, or preferably to set the wedding timing around afternoon or sunset.


2-   Wedding themes

 Choosing to set your wedding party at the beach is one of the major meanings of simple beautiful charming weddings, so as an idea the decoration you shouldn’t exaggerate because you have the sea-view already and it should be beach themed such like seashells designs, sandy and windy shapes. As for entertainment decoration there's some options for fireworks and flying lanterns to be creative and cheap.
As for the themes there's several Arabian and non Arabian themes for weddings such as the Bedouin, Indian, classic, folklore, and it's your day lady! You can go royal.



3-   Music

Make sure you have a good and strong sound system for a wedding beach because if it's a little bit windy it could affect the capability of hearing the volume level and will reduce the ability to enjoy and dance on music during the wedding party. 

4-    Photography and Photo-shoots 

As for the photography you don't need to play with and edit the pictures due to the natural colors and brightness of the sky, sea and mountains if available.



5-    The perfect outfits for the beach wedding

The outfits should be reconsidered based on the weather as it should be simple and accurate for a wedding beach, colors are preferable and wedges, sandals or flip-flops to avoid un-comfortability from the sand. 
Accessories should be colorful as well, simple and beach style, and try to avoid big diamonds and luxurious jewelries. Your make up should be light and your hair should be beach wavy.



6-    Bride and Groom pre- wedding getaways

Most of the brides and grooms like to take time for the preparations of the wedding and at the same time to spend good time together and enjoying the bachelorette/bachelor party as well so as a program you can make for your friends and family is setting for a weekend wedding getaway with its activities and different programs. 



5-    Food styling and wedding cake

Of course as a beach wedding you wouldn’t want the food to be as heavy as it always is indoors, use the barbeque side grill and seafood menu as an open buffet and some different tropical juices would be very refreshing for the wedding guests.

 Finally but not final is the wedding cake, of course you want it to be remarkable and unforgettable as it's the main thing in weddings after all, try to choose a beach themed cake as it will be a new idea than the normal ones that are made for indoors weddings.



This is how you make your dream come true by following all these steps to have your charming, romantic and intimate wedding to go, begin your life with the perfect moment among your friends, family and the spouse you chose for your life time.



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