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Your Wedding is after Ramadan? Here is what to do to prepare everything.

YWG - Mar 2020

Losing weight during Ramadan:

Every bride wants to lose some weight, take good care of her health, skin and hair before she gets to the glorious moment of her wedding; however losing weight during this month is not as easy as in the normal days, or as all people think it is but it is actually very easy to follow what to eat and what to avoid.

Avoiding Ramadan desserts is one of the main things that help in losing weight, as you all know that there are a lot of sugary desserts during this month.

Another chaos that you all do is eating Sohour and sleep right away, besides the kind of food you eat during that time, although it's preferable to eat before Al fajr prayers immediately in order to store as much as you can, but to make it easier to lose weight you should eat before you sleep by two hours.

Importance of working out:

Working out is important as well so before Iftar is the best time of the whole day because you eat right after it; however eating the most accurate food after working out is the main thing, like Protein and healthy food that the body needs. Drinking green tea helps the body as well to maintain water retention phase in Ramadan plus it helps with the skin care as needed.

The steps are not over yet, you still need to take care of your skin, hair and nails by using some natural ingredients that you will probably find it in your kitchen so it's an easy way care.

Discounts and sales:

Of course you all like offers and discounts and as one of the main factors brides to be usually look for preparing themselves, often in Ramadan most of the dresses stores have exclusive offers during that month and for the shoes and accessories as well so take advantage of this period and go fish.

Honeymoon packages:

As for the last step, make sure you check for the honey moon packages in Ramadan as all the places have exclusive discounts as well on the hotels and flights.


Following all these steps will definitely help you to have the perfect wedding, within 30 days only, and to get ready for your day in a peaceful plan in order to enjoy your marvelous day.




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