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How to Look Ten Years Younger


Every bride-to-be wants to look fresh and younger. If you want to take care of your beauty you should follow some tricks to keep your perfect look before and after the wedding.



Apply sun block:

It will protect your skin from sun damage caused by ultra violet rays. Applying sun block slows down the process of skin aging.

Get enough sleep:

You need to sleep at least 7 hours every night. This will help your skin cells to be renewed. Beauty sleeping enhances your beauty from inside out.




The more you moisturize your skin, the better your skin will look. Moisturizing keeps your skin soft and hydrated.

Take vitamin D:

It plays a major role in slowing the aging process as it destroys free radicals. In addition, it heals and prevents acne.


Cardio is not only for weight loss. It is important for vascular health. If you do it regularly you will get positive result on your appearance and your whole body.

Clear negative thoughts:

If you practice yoga on a regular basis you will feel inner peace of mind and soul. Also deep breathing is an effective technique that affects your appearance and makes you look younger.



Taking care of your appearance is not a difficult process. By following a bridal skincare routine you will feel fresher. Try to stick to your daily beauty plan to avoid premature aging. These simple steps will help you keep the young look and appear the most gorgeous bride-to-be.


By: YWG Team


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