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10 Beauty Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

Being a bride is overwhelming to say the least. Your head is liable to explode at any minute and every other hour you feel like you need a stress relieve team to hep you out. One of the things the bride struggles with is her beauty. Every bride will tell you that as their wedding date approaches, they start becoming more and more insecure in ther bauty and looks. This article has 15 beauty tips for all those struggling brides who have problems tackling their nerves on their big day. 

Start Early

Once you've set the date and have an idea of the location, start scouting out your makeup and hair pros. If you're getting married during the height of wedding season, say in June or July the best people (and locations!) book up quickly.

Do Your Homework

While it's tempting to use a makeup artist with experience in TV, film, or fashion runways, try to find a seasoned pro who does weddings on a regular basis. These experts know exactly how to deliver a dewy glow that won't turn into an oil slick, and they also have a better grasp of the timing and the tactics necessary to ensure the final effect is on schedule and on point.

Come to Your Trial Equipped

Never assume your makeup artist "gets you." Inspiration—magazine pics, a swatch of a color you love, and if possible, a photo of you in your dress—all these things will help them get an idea of your end goal and what you're comfortable with.

Come Wearing White

Try and wear a top that's the same shade of white as your dress to your hair and makeup trial. Whites can be draining, which means the makeup tones will need to be amped up to compensate.

Bring a Veil to the Trial, Too

Having your makeup professionally done usually means wearing more color than we're used to. Seeing how it will play beneath a veil (any veil), helps you feel in the moment and ties the whole effect together.

A Hairdo Helps

For your makeup trial, consider having hair done as you plan to wear it at the wedding. You want to make sure the hair and makeup looks complement each other.

They're Your Favorites for a Reason

If you have a go-to foundation, liner, lipstick—whatever—don't be afraid to bring it along to your makeup trial. A makeup artist can most always incorporate it into the plan, especially if it gives you that extra dollop of confidence.

Take Notes … and Pictures

When the makeup trial is done and the look agreed upon, make sure to write down the brands, colors, and brushes used and snap a photo. It's not unusual for a makeup artist to forget what was agreed upon during the trial; definitely not the time for that sort of surprise.

A Little Hand-Holding Never Hurts

Ask your makeup artist how long she can stay after the pictures or ceremony to do touch ups on your big day. Not only will she ensure you're (still) looking your best, she'll make sure your father-in-law's bald head doesn't resemble a homing beacon in the pictures.

Flood Insurance

Bring your own, fresh tube of waterproof mascara just in case your makeup artist forgets to pack theirs. Tears of joy should never result in horror movie-like streaks. There you have it! Beauty tips for Brides to be that are guaranteed to make you as cool as a pickle on your wedding day! And to prevent acnes pre wedding click HERE

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