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Check These 7 Tips to Channel Your Inner Makeup Artist on Your Big Day!

Whether you want to save some extra money or you’re so confident in your makeup abilities, doing your own wedding makeup can be hectic and a bit nerve-wracking. You need to make sure that you will look gorgeous, especially in photos. Here are 7 great tips on how to apply your own wedding makeup like a pro.

1. Skincare Comes First

Before you start worrying about how good your makeup will look on the big day, there are some preparations you need to take care of first. Healthy skin always shows under your makeup, making it flawless. Follow a strict skincare routine 3-4 months prior to your wedding to ensure that your skin is hydrated, prepped, and balanced. You don’t want a dry or patchy face on your big day, right?

2. Practice Makes Perfect

This rule applies to almost everything, but it is specifically mandatory on this occasion to guarantee that you will look your best on the big day. Don’t get too self-confident and ignore practicing. Even a professional makeup artist should try her planned look continuously. Practicing will make you master tricky stuff, such as blending eyeshadows, choosing proper colors that match your skin, and testing your lipstick all day to ensure it’s long-lasting.

3. High-Quality Products

Even though you need to save money, it is still important to invest in high-quality brands. The last thing you want to do on this special occasion is to buy your products from untrusted sellers or look for the cheapest items. You can still buy affordable, good-quality makeup that can save the day and make you look stunning.

4. Using Primer

After moisturizing your skin properly, apply primer all over your face and neck to fill in your large pores, work as a temporary corrector, and smoothen fine lines. In addition, you need to choose a suitable primer. Using a mattifying primer will reduce excess shine while a luminous primer works on providing a radiant, glowing finish.

5. The Right Foundation

Foundation is probably the priciest item in your makeup bag. Choosing the right foundation comes down to three things: the right shade, a suitable formula, and skin type. Choose a foundation shade that is similar to your own so you don’t look too dark or too pale; your face and neck should match the rest of your body, so keep that in mind. Since this is your big day, you need to pick a high-coverage foundation to have a long-lasting effect and smooth texture. In addition, your foundation has to be suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin, make sure you buy a product that provides a matte finish. However, if your skin is dry, your foundation should be hydrating.

6. Waterproof Mascara

No matter how hard you try to fight it, your tears will make an appearance on the big day. For these emotional moments, you need waterproof mascara. Moreover, whether your wedding is outdoors or you’re sweating from dancing, a usual mascara can melt and droop. Waterproof mascara will withstand the heat too.

7. Setting Spray

Your wedding makeup is different from any other day. There should not be a chance for your concealer to melt or your eyeliner to get erased. Set everything in place using a strong setting spray to ensure that your makeup doesn’t go anywhere.


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