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Want a Bright White Smile on Your Wedding Day? Follow These Tips!

You already know that your big day is probably the most day in your life you’re going to be photographed. That’s why you need to prepare your teeth ahead of time to guarantee a beautiful smile that will dazzle the crowds. Stained or discolored teeth can massively affect your wedding photos and overall appearance at such a special event. Therefore, we decided to share a few tips on how to brighten your teeth before the big day to ensure a sensational smile.

Consult Your Dentist

Now is not the time to hate dentists’ visits. This time you’re only visiting to correct minor problems with your teeth, so the chances that you’ll go through any painful procedures are zero to none! Dentists’ visits are needed to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. All imminent issues need to be addressed. If all goes well, whitening your teeth should be the next step. The dentist decides how much to whiten the teeth based on the condition of the mouth. Your dentist will also recommend the best treatment option for you.

Teeth Whitening

Whether you will go for home teeth whitening or office procedures, you’ll get the same results. However, if the wedding day is approaching, whitening treatment in the dentist’s office is the best option. Teeth whitening by a professional is more efficient and can be done prominently. When it comes to whitening treatments, your dentist applies bleach to the teeth to remove discoloration and lighten the shade. Laser treatments are also used to enhance the whitening process. As a general rule, whitening treatments take about 45 minutes (3 sessions; each appointment is 15 minutes), depending on the condition of the mouth.

Maintain Home Dental Routine

Giving you advice about brushing your teeth every day is lame; you should already be doing this regardless of the occasion. You should follow a stricter dental routine at home 2-3 months before the wedding. For starters, you need to brush your teeth after every meal or at least after dessert. Use a whitening or activated-charcoal toothpaste, but don’t expect great results if you have deep-rooted problems. You may also want to introduce flossing to your daily routine to dislodge the food stuck between your teeth that the toothpaste and brush cannot remove.

Follow a White-Smile Diet

Did you know that eating healthy crunchy snacks like apples and cucumber has similar effects to those of brushing? Raw vegetables and fruits have numerous fibers, which are natural cleansers that can make your teeth look polished. That doesn’t mean you can skip brushing after eating them! It is important to avoid dark and sticky food, such as balsamic vinegar, tea, coffee, barbeque sauce, candy, lollipops, and hard chips. However, if you’re a coffeeholic, try to sip your coffee using a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth.

Use Mouthwash Mindfully

Mouthwash can make your morning breathing more tolerable, but it can also hurt your teeth. Alcohol in mouthwash dries dental treatments such as composite bonding and can weaken the entire tooth structure, so it's best to wash with a natural alcohol-free formula. A colorless mouthwash is the best option to maintain a pearly white glow.

Last-Minute Solutions

If your wedding preparations hindered you from addressing this problem earlier, don’t worry as you can still find quick fixes. When shopping for accessories for your wedding, avoid gold jewelry as it brings out yellowish tones, making your already-not-so-white teeth look yellow. Instead, opt for sparkly silver earrings to make your teeth look whiter. When it comes to lipstick colors, choose red, pink, and sheer tones to show off your pearly whites. Stay away from magenta as it can make your teeth look yellow. Furthermore, you can invest in a Peroxide Pen, which can prevent new stains from forming.


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