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How irregular sleep might affect your decisions before wedding?

How does irregular sleep affect your social life ?

If you missed few hours of sleep for 2,3 days or you have been disturbed while sleeping, you will wake up stressed, angry, having bad attitude and not able to concentrate, that’s certainly will affect your whole mood and daily activities, which 100% will cause an impact on relationships and social life.


In the other hand sleeping well will make your mental and physical health way better and even will make you happier, you will even notice it’s impact on your skin, yet many of us regularly toss and turn at night, struggling to get the sleep we need.

Weddings and weddings stress might make your sleeping impossible mission, you might be forcing yourself to sleep and still can’t do it, because you keep over thinking every details and you might be recalling some memories of the day which makes your brain still work, so here are some tips will help you sleep better and improve your productivity and mood in the morning:

1- Sync with your body sleep cycle

You'll feel considerably more rested and energised if you maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle as opposed to sleeping the same amount of hours throughout the day.
“Try to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day”

2-Control the light in your home & bedroom

When it’s morning expose yourself to sunlight, let as much of sunlight into your home, it will help you wake up and be productive through the day, so at night you will feel that you have been active through the day and you want to rest as you are exhausted, so when it’s bed time turn off all the lights in order to prepare your mind that it’s bed time.
“When it’s night use heavy curtains that block the light”

3-Avoid electronics 
Electronics such as your phone, tablet, laptop and tv have a blue light which is so disruptive, so avoid using them by your bedtime with at least 2 hours.
If you have to use it and can’t control yourself 
“Try to low the screen brightness as possible as you can”

4-Watch what you eat & drink through the day

Cut off sugar as it can awaken you at night and wake you up from your deep, restful sleep.

Limit caffeine and nicotine they can work different from body to body and your body might react different, but caffeine can cause sleeping problems up to 10 hours, smoking can disturb your sleeping if you smoked right before bed time.
Avoid drinking too many liquids before bedtime.
“Too many liquids will cause lots of bathroom trips that will wake you up and disturb your sleep”

5- Stop thinking & calm down!

wedding preparations can cause serious stress, and keep you worried also the problems between you and your partner that seems to be open ended problems might keep you awake all night thinking about the bad memories happened back in the day,
So clear your head we know it’s hard, but force yourself to stop thinking in bad memories instead try to take a long breathe hold it for 10 seconds and then release it while doing that think about something that makes you happy.
“And don’t forget that every problem have a solution”

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