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How to Prevent Acne Pre-wedding

Breakouts before the wedding are the worst thing ever to happen for brides. There is no enough time to treat these pimples. You have many wedding preparations to do. You do not want anything to destroy your perfect look on your big day. If you want to get rid of sudden pimples pre-wedding, you can follow these simple steps.



You Are What You Eat:

If you want your face to look fresh and acne-free, you should take care of your diet. Eat healthy foods that help cleanse your body from inside out. Avoid junk and fatty foods.

Avoid Picking Your Pimples:

It is not a good idea to pick your face zits as it will leave a scar. No bride wants to have a face full of scars on her wedding day. Avoid picking your pimples before wedding.




You should use clean face towel and pillow case regularly. Wash your face with a facial cleanser that fits your skin type. Avoid touching your face excessively.


Yes! Relaxation plays a major role in your skin health. If you get an adequate amount of sleep and avoid too much stress, you will treat your acne naturally. Fatigue and stress hormones are the main cause of breakouts.



Don’t get stressed over having sudden pimples before your wedding. To avoid this problem you should consider these tips. Treating acne is not a hard process, it just takes some time. Be patient and follow the right steps to prevent these breakouts.


By: YWG Team





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