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Creative Non-traditional Wedding Cakes

Does anyone wonder who eats the wedding cake? Where it goes will always remain a mystery. However, you should be different and make your wedding cake special instead of the standard wedding cakes we all see every single wedding. What if you don’t even like cakes? As a bride, it is your right to tailor your wedding cake according to your cravings. Think outside the wedding cake. And guess what? You can actually let people eat from it, too!! Here are the most creative wedding cakes.

1) White Meringue Cake


2) A one tiered-pancake wedding cake


3) A chocolate croquembouche cake

4) An Italian Wedding Cake

5) Frosted Bundt Wedding Cake 


6) Donut Tower Cake


7 )A sugar-coated croquembouche cake


8) Crepe Cake


9) Sprinkles Wedding Cake


10) Apple Walnut Wedding Cake


11) Rice Krispy Wedding Cake


12) Stacked Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake


13) Multi Layered Savory Cheesecake


14) Carrot Wedding Cake


15) Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake


16) Oreo Madness Cake


17) Cupcake Tower


18) Stacked Cookie Cake Filled with Frosting


19) Sofeminine


20) Fondant Black and White Wedding Cake


21) Burger Cake


22) And finally, Shawarma Cake!


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