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How to Choose Your Wedding Cake?


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Choosing your wedding cake is a very crucial part of your big day. Even though some people might think it's not important or just easy to decide, it can really be a deceptively tricky task. Given that you will have to decide which flavor, design, size and, most importantly, your budget for the wedding cake.

However, if it's one of your favorite parts of wedding planning, we promise you will enjoy picking it as long as you're following these simple 6 steps.


1. Pick a Wedding Cake Designer

Wedding Cake Baker

Pick a trusted wedding cake designer that you know for a fact that he/she has a good reputation and will suite your budget.


2. Think about your design

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If you already have a cake design in your head that you've always wanted, you will make it much easier for the cake designer and will save you time. If you haven't thought about it yet, you may ask your cake designer to help you out. But, make sure to be creative with your design!


3. Know your budget

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Wedding cakes are shockingly expensive, so you should be honest with your cake designer about your budget so he can make you something really good yet with a budget in your range.


4. Know your Cake Size

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If you are not planning to share your cake with your guests, then don't get a fancy big one. You will probably end up throwing it away. Not to mention the waste of money.


5. Taste the Cake

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Make sure to arrange a cake tasting before ordering one because you might end up getting shocked of how awful it tastes on your wedding day. Also, try to pick a basic flavor (like vanilla, chocolate, etc.) for your cake because sometimes exotic flavors taste really bad as wedding cake designers only care about how the cake looks, not how it tastes.


6. DO NOT Wait Until the Last Minute

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A mistake that a number of brides do is waiting until the last minute to order their wedding cakes. You should calendar out your custom cake weeks in advance with your cake designer to make sure it's done exactly how you wanted.



By: YWG Team

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