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These Cake Designs Will Make Your Winter Wedding Complete!

In most Egyptian wedding receptions, there is an entire show specified for the wedding cake. That’s why you need to pay a lot of attention to choosing the right cake that suits your big day. No matter what your budget is, you can choose an eye-catching design for your cake that will not only look great, but will also taste amazing. That said, let’s have a closer look at some winter cake designs for your big day.


Snow Cake

Even though it rarely snows in Egypt, you can bring the snow right into your wedding. An all-white layered cake decorated with frosting strokes, rounded marshmallows, and edible silver beads to look like snow is an excellent choice for winter weddings.

Glamorous Cake

If you’re looking for a wow factor in your cake, there is nothing better than a black-and-white cake with a pop of gold, which helps to create a winter color palette. For more glam, make it a five-layer cake or more and have your initials painted on one of the layers.

Ski-Inspired Cake

If you and your partner love skiing, this cake will be amazing on your big day. Your cake can be designed to resemble a ski slope, where you can add snow-capped peaks decoration using icing. For more fun, add figurines on the cake layers that look like they’re skiing.

Floral Cake

Have you always imagined having a tiered floral cake at your wedding? What a wonderful idea! Decorating your wedding cake with colorful edible flowers makes a romantic wintery statement that will surely receive many compliments. This cake will also be perfect if you’re having a floral theme for your wedding; make sure that the flowers on the cake match the overall theme.

Christmas-Inspired Cake

One of the things that give winter the charm that it has is Christmas. If your wedding is in late December, it will be a fantastic chance to have a Christmas-themed cake decorated with red ribbons, small pine trees, or sugar berries. A red velvet cake will be suitable for this occasion because of its Christmassy red shade.

Disney Cake

Nothing makes a bride embrace her inner princess like a ball gown. Aside from your spectacular dress complete your fairytale wedding with a Disney cake and choose a topper of your favorite princess. The cake can be plain white or it can be in the shape of a castle or a Cinderella carriage.

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