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Best 10 Bridesmaid Dress Colors in 2016




Bridesmaid dresses are as important on your big day as your dress, so you should make sure they look at their best because they are basically a reflection of your taste. While you're planning your wedding, you should bear in mind that your bridesmaids should complement your wedding theme.

This year's colors are indescribably beautiful and sassy! Check out 2016's top 10 bridesmaid dress colors that will leave you in awe.

1. Pastel Colors

Pastel Bridesmaids

2. Silver

silver dressVersace silver dress Silver Sequined Dress


3. Black and White

Black & Whie bridesmaids dresses

4. Navy Blue

Navy Blue Bridesmaids

5. Champagne

Champagne bridesmaids

6. White

White Bridesmaids

7. Blush Blue

Blush Blue Bridesmaids

8. Black

Black Bridesmaids

9. Nude

Nude bridesmaids

10. Gray

Gray Bridesmaids



By: YWG Team

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