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Signs you've found the perfect wedding dress for you!

Since we live in 2019, and we already know that reality TV is the biggest sham on earth, we already know that not everyone cries when they find “the One”. Some people will jump up and down, some will giggle uncontrollably, some will just smile a secretive smile and some will close their eyes and somehow become deeply engrossed in the moment. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge to figure out whether the dress you have on is “The one” or not. You know – that perfect dress that seems made just for you – hence the capital T and O. But how do you know if you have found your One?

How to Be 100% Sure You've Found Your Wedding Dress:

You don’t want to take it off

When you first start the whole process of scouting for a wedding dress and you start trying a bunch of them on, you’ll quickly develop a preference on what you like and what you don’t. Your friends will encourage you try as many styles as possible because, sometimes, the hanger doesn’t do the dress justice and every dress will look different once you try it on. All Dresses have that certain beauty about them, and you’ll quickly realize that it can be very challenging to pick just one because they’re all so lovely. The Key moment though, comes when it’s time to take it off. If you’ve found “The One”, you’ll never want to take it off. You’ll stand there, twirling and laughing and staring at yourself in the mirror in it. You’ll enjoy every second you’re wearing it. Not wanting to take it off is a pretty good sign that you’ve found the dress made for you.  


It will fit your own style

There are thousands of Bridal magazines out there that will tell you that your dress must match a certain theme or look a particular way for it will suit your body type. While this might be a good point, the ultimate truth is that your perfect dress is probably going to end up suiting your personal style. Walking into a bridal shop can be a lot overwhelming though, and some brides have problems remembering their personal style. It will definitely help if you sit down and jot some notes about your personal style. Are you vintage?  Or perhaps modern Edgy? Are you neither and just unique? One you begin the process of selecting your wedding dress and you start trying on multiple styles you’ll quickly find yourself falling for the ones which match your personal style and aesthetic. 


It makes you feel beautiful

Your wedding day is the day where all eyes will literally be on you, so naturally you’ll want to look your best. While the most expensive dress out there might look god in principle but unless it makes you feel special and beautiful enough, then it doesn’t matter. The perfect one will make you feel stunning the moment you’re in it and it will bring out the best in you without you trying anything.  Each time we meet a bride who’s practically glowing in happiness when they found the one, it’s probably because it makes them feel beautiful. So if you put on a dress and feel like a million dollars, you’re onto a winner. 


It Fits the theme

Most brides will argue that the wedding dress is the most important part of the day – but if it doesn’t suit your theme and your venue, it could look quite out of place. Many brides will go in looking for a particular style because they think it will fit and end up coming out with something completely different that actually fits much better. If you put on a dress and immediately start thinking about how it fits in with the rest of your wedding plans, you may well have found The One.

Finding the perfect Wedding Dress for your wedding might be a challenge but in the end, it will definitely pay off. In the end, the most important thing is to feel beautiful on your special day and it’s a fact agreed on, that no girl looks as beautiful as on her wedding day. 

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