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Bridesmaids Dresses; Color Trends to die for!

It’s always exciting to be asked to be a bridesmaid, or ‘maid-of-honor’ it’s an important role, supporting the bride and helping the day run smoothly. Choosing a Bridesmaids dress colour however, can be a pretty tough job. The color needs to be accessible, easily found, matching to the season and doesn’t clash with the wedding theme colors. The team of Your Wedding Guide have compiled a list of Bridesmaid Dresses that are worth the hassle and that will definitely make your friends shine next to you on your big day


1. Dusty Rose

While Pink has always been a staple at weddings; from Bridesmaids dress to Wedding color schemes, it seems like brides nowadays are ditching the boring, Pepto Bismol hue that used to be popular back in the ‘80s and are gravitating towards the more muted hue that’s called “Dusty Rose”. This shade of pink happened to be getting a lot of attention lately that the search for “Dust Pink Weddings” have increased by a whopping 255% between 2016 and 2017. Dusty Rosecan look extremely elegant if you choose it for your bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s very sophisticated and it won’t clash with most wedding themes. It makes a perfect Bridesmaids dress color and unlike BlushDusty Roseworks well for all seasons. 


2. Mauve and Shades of Purples

Shades of Purplesand Mauve in particular have been a trend we started seeing towards the end of 2018 and it’s something we expect to get bigger for 2019. Shades Of Purple is a color combination that is probably one of the easiest to work with because you don’t have to pick one shade. In fact, it actually works better with the more colors you choose. It will also make a very extravagant Wedding theme, since all types of floral arrangements are abundant in purple tones and when it comes to Bridesmaids’ Dresses, the choices are endless. 


3. Sun Yellow

We think Sun Yellowis going to be the it color of summer 2019 weddings. It is so fresh and just like summer time people are ready to kick back, relax, and take it easy which is exactly what a summer wedding is all about. It’s a bold color and one that is going to be memorable for years to come. Unlike Regular Yellow, Sun Yellowis pretty Vibrant without being over-the-top. And since Yellow is associated with happiness, and your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life, it’s a perfect fit as a Bridesmaids’ dress color, your best friends will literally brighten up your day!


4. Dusty Blue

Dusty bluehas been a color on the rise in 2018 and we don’t see it stopping for 2019. It is a sophisticated blue which also pairs well with other shades of blue such as navy and slate blue. It’s also a very flexible bridesmaids dress color as it works at any time of the year and since none of us wants dresses that clash with the wedding theme, you can use florals which are limited in blue tones. What makes Dusty Blue special is the fact that it hasn’t been over-used yet. It’s calmer than royal blue, not as bright as Electric Blue and isn’t outdated like Turquoise and Teal. 


5. Mist Green

From the Ashes of Mint Green and Teal comes ‘Mist Green’.Mist Green is the result of taking Mint Green and making it clearer. 2019 will be a wedding year of muted green shades, such as silver sage, green jade and moss. It’s a very natural, earthy tone that will bring a forresty feel to your wedding. It works well if your wedding is in the fall, especially if you decide to make it outdoors. Mist Green is an outdoorsy color that’s pretty unique and will make an interesting Bridesmaids’ Dress Colour.

6. Berry Pink

We are excited about berry pink because it is a fresher version of burgundy. This color will work at anytime of year and much like burgundy, your color options are going to be endless when it comes to Bridesmaids’ dresses. This fresh color also looks amazing on all skin tones and even though it’s a little bit brighter it still feels very elegant and sophisticated.


7. Sunset

Dusty Orange- or Sunset is the new pink for 2019. Unlike the traditional colors of the fall, these muted tones feel so much more elegant. This color combo is going to be so easy to work with because it’s a very trendy color and we can guarantee that most brides will choose a combination of this color for their Bridesmaids’ Dresses. Not only does it feel like a representation of the fall season;  it feels romantic, which is always a win when getting dressed for a wedding.


8. Whipped Apricot

Especially stunning for fall weddings, this peachy-blush hue is gaining popularity for 2019 bridesmaids' dresses. Whipped apricot can range in a variety of hues, which is what makes it special—it can be soft pink with hints of a purple rose or with grey undertones that make it beautifully sophisticated. Its versatility can add a softness to any luxe wedding.


9. Emerald

Emerald in any shade really gives an “anchor” and a great design base to any wedding. Choosing emerald green for your bridesmaid dresses will work in any length or style, we love how it can be dressed up or down to create any mood and if you’re going vintage, Emerald is a lovely choice! It is such a classic option and still gives a bit of edge to the look.


10. Champagne Gold

Whilst the shops may be popping with regular Champagne color, this version of the classical bridesmaid dress is so utterly timeless in its elegance that your bridesmaids are guaranteed to look fresh and beautiful.  It’s also a safe guarantee that your bridesmaids will love them, whether you are getting married this year or the next one. Champagne Gold is classic chic, and it’s a staple in most weddings. Others made a new idea for the bride and bridemaids >> A Disney themed wedding!

In Weddings, every little detail counts. Choosing that perfect Bridesmaids dress colour can take a long time, but rest assured, it's worth it. Take the time to choose that best colour, because in the end, who doesn't want their b9ig day to be perfect?

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