A Bride is definitely taking care of every detail of her look for her big day, but we never focused on the groom’s wedding outfit.

It’s HIS BIG DAY too!

The groom should choose his outfit based on the wedding venue and timing. Some weddings are morning weddings in open air areas where light-colored suits are preferable and others are night weddings which are better to wear night colors like black, navy or velvet suits in.

Groomsmen’s suits also depend on the groom’s suit and its color.

Here are some ideas for Morning Wedding suits for the groom and his groomsmen:

1- Blue Groom, Beige Groomsmen

2- Grey Groom, Cafe Groomsmen

3- Navy Groom, Beige Groomsmen

4- White Groom, Black Groomsmen

5- Green Groom, Grey Groomsmen



Here are some ideas for Night Wedding suits for the groom and his groomsmen

1- Grey Groom, Grey Groomsmen

2- Navy Groom, Navy Groomsmen

3- Blue Groom, Black Groomsmen

4- Grey Groom, Black Groomsmen

5- Black Velvet Groom, Navy & Grey Groomsmen

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