Home Fashion Worried about What Your Mom Should Wear on Your Big Day? Here’s Your Guide to How to Choose Your Mom’s Attire!

Worried about What Your Mom Should Wear on Your Big Day? Here’s Your Guide to How to Choose Your Mom’s Attire!

Everyone is eager to see the bride in her gorgeous gown and stunning makeup as the bride is definitely the center of attention of any wedding. However, she is not the only one who grabs everyone’s attention; the mother is also in the spotlight. That’s why she has to choose the dress she’ll wear on her daughter's wedding day very carefully. In our eastern society, choosing a dress for the mother of the bride is a difficult equation since she is looking for elegance, practicality, modesty, and distinction at the same time. Therefore, we have compiled some evening dresses that may suit the mother of the bride according to her body shape and preference.

The Color

The color of the mother of the bride’s dress should complement the theme of the wedding but not necessarily match. It is best to wait until the bride chooses the theme and select her bridesmaids’ dresses. Your mom doesn’t have to wear the same color, but her dress can be of the same shade. For example, if your bridesmaids are going to wear navy blue, your mom’s dress can be teal or sky blue. In addition, when choosing your mom’s dress, it is best to stay away from white, champagne, ivory, or any similar shade as it can take the attention away from the bride.

The Style

The mother’s attire should be flattering, comfortable, and age-appropriate at the same time. If your mom is insecure about a specific area in her body that she wants to cover, put that into consideration when choosing her dress. If she wants to hide her tummy, you can choose models with pleats below the chest. If you prefer to choose a simple dress, make sure that the waist is defined in the upper part of the body. However, if your mom wishes to cover her arms, she should choose a dress with medium or long sleeves or one with a cape that gives women a classic and sophisticated look. It is preferable to avoid models that reveal the arms.


There is no specific style that a bride’s mother should stick to. She can choose whatever suits her and her body shape. Beaded sheath, sequin, and lace gowns are very sophisticated and elegant. A trumpet, figure-hugging dress will also compliment moms with slender bodies. It is preferable to stay away from low-plunge and low-back cuts; the mother of the bride doesn’t need to show off her assets, especially on her daughter’s wedding day.

However, if your mom doesn’t enjoy dressing up, a pantsuit will be a great option, especially if she wants to wear something different and unconventional to your wedding. Choose any color other than navy or black to keep it from looking too formal. Go for a pair of tailored pants and a blazer in a shade that matches the overall theme or bridesmaid dresses. Shades like peach or lavender are attractive but not too overwhelming. You can also make the pantsuit a bit more stylish by wearing a lace or sequin top with dark pants and a matching jacket.


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