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Add the Final Touches to Your Bridal Look with These Stunning Headpieces

If you’re looking for statement pieces to tie your bridal look together, you should pay a great deal of attention to bridal hair accessories. You’re free to choose a classic, timeless accessory or a modern and unique piece that matches the theme of your wedding. That said, let’s dig deeper into the best hair accessories for your big day.

Pearl Vine Hairpiece

If you are looking for a hair accessory that won't take away from your wedding beauty, choose a hairpiece that hugs the back of your head nicely. This simple yet elegant headpiece works best on a low bun or natural, wavy hair.

Faux Floral Pins

You can choose a floral hair accessory that doesn’t have actual fresh flowers. Look for faux leaves and blossoms pins that look realistic. Whether you get a set of 5 or 10, tuck the fabulous pins into a French plait braid or scatter them all over your hair.

Floral Wreath

If you don’t want to wear a tiara, but still want the gorgeous effect it has, a floral wreath is the answer. Choose one that is made of rhinestones, metal enamel flowers, or pearl beads to accentuate your bridal look and hairstyle. It will also have the sparkly aspects of a tiara that you’re looking for.

Crystal Hairpiece

Sometimes, the simplest details can have the biggest impact. Wear this exquisite crystal hairpiece behind or in front of your head to twist your hair beautifully and emphasizes your bridal beauty.

Padded Headband

A padded headband is a modern-day choice that substitutes a crown for a chic and modern bride. It can look awesome on whatever bridal attire you choose; however, we suggest pairing it with a vintage mini dress or sleek boho gown.

Gold Leaf Tiara

This gold leaf headpiece is the ultimate accessory for boho royalty. It goes perfectly with a sleek low pony or royal bun so you can drive all attention to this dazzling piece.

Beaded Tiara

Your wedding day is your chance to unleash your inner princess, so why not crown it with an amazing beaded tiara to complement your bridal beauty. The best thing about this piece is that it is timeless and classy, so no matter what your wedding theme is, it will fit perfectly.


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