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Follow These Five Tips When Creating Your Wedding Dress from Scratch!

After several visits to bridal salons and long hours of bridal shopping, many brides take the decision to get their wedding dress sewn. If this seems like the right decision for you, here are 5 tips you need to follow to ensure that your wedding gown is flawless and flattering.

The Design

For starters, you need to choose a design that flatters your body shape and accentuates your figure. It is important to figure out what your body shape is before determining the design of your wedding gown. One of the best things about bridal dress shopping is that it allows you to try multiple dresses on and see what suits your body best, so make sure you do that beforehand.

The Tailor

Choosing a good tailor is a huge responsibility that you should not take lightly. Reputable tailors are not necessarily good; they might just be popular for no reason. It is best to go for someone you or any of your friends or relatives dealt with before. You should also check the quality of the items they have tailored before, preferably dresses. Your tailor should also be a good listener. Stay away from cocky and arrogant people who think that your opinion doesn’t matter. An expert who is patient and understanding is the right person you should be looking for.


Probably, your tailor is going to ask you to purchase the fabric for your wedding dress and may give you several options to choose from. Even though it is a daunting task, buying your wedding dress fabric is also a very important step in creating a perfect wedding gown. While it is recommended to listen to your tailor, you should research the best and worst fabric materials. You should have a decent idea about the functionality of every fabric you’re purchasing. Moreover, you need to stay away from cheap and flashy fabric that will do nothing but corrupt your entire look. Yes, wedding dress fabric is pricey, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so choose wisely!


Once your tailor starts to sew your wedding dress, they will be asking you to come to fitting sessions, where you get to try the dress on and mark if anything needs fixing. At this point, you need to be extremely available and willing to go to these sessions. It is mandatory to try on the dress after every step of sewing it all together so that it will be easier for the tailor to undo stitches. Furthermore, when you miss your fitting sessions, there is a chance that you won’t have time to amend any errors and surely you don’t want that to happen.


Many brides may be too shy to ask the tailor to undo a specific thing or modify something they don’t like. Don’t be one of those brides! There is nothing wrong with asking for modifications in your wedding gown. After all, it is the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Don’t take any chances and never allow your dress to get ruined.


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