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5 Outfits for Your Engagement to Look Different and Unique!

After his magical proposal, it is time to prepare your engagement party. The first thing you should think about is your … outfit! Don’t limit your imagination only to dresses at this special event. While it's hard to choose your engagement day’s attire, it is best to think outside the box and select something unique. In this article, we’ll show you some outfits that are sure to turn heads and make your engagement day extra special, so keep reading.

Sequin Skirt + Simple Top

Choose a sequin skirt of your favorite color, be it black, gold, or pink, and pair it with a simple top to drive attention to your unique blingy skirt. This look is excellent for brides who intend to wear Hijab on their engagement day as it is modest and elegant at the same time.

Satin Set

Many girls tend to avoid wearing satin, fearing that they wouldn’t pull it off. A satin set is extremely elegant and occasion-appropriate that can make you look even more beautiful. With the right color and fit, you can absolutely make this outfit work. However, if you’re conscious about having a big tummy, it is best to stay away from this option.

White Suit

Although suits are usually associated with work and formal business events, a white suit is a fantastic choice for your engagement party. Because of its color, you will have a distinctive appearance even if some of your guests decide to wear suits as well. Since you are the bride, you need to shine and glow. So, try to pair your suit with glamorous gold accessories to add a feminine and classy touch.


Jumpsuits come in a variety of models and designs. Some are simple and basic while others are extremely unique and special. If you want to make a bridal statement, you can choose a white jumpsuit. However, any color can really go with this special day. Choose a jumpsuit with fancy details, beadings, glitters, or tail to make you look like a queen.

Fancy Top + Simple Pants or Skirt

If you want to direct attention to the top half of your outfit, go for an extravagant top. Again, the choice of colors is yours, but it is best to choose a unique shade that matches your skin tone. Needless to say, the fancier your top is, the simpler your skirt should be. The length of the skirt is up to you, but if your top is already revealing, it is recommended to choose a midi or long skirt.


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