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A Great List of the Trendiest Engagement Rings for Fashionable Brides

There are many different designs of engagement rings that suit all tastes, ranging from thin, thick, and colorful ones. From rings containing white lobes to studded diamonds, the varieties are too many. There are also many 2022 trendy colors as some may prefer golden, silver, or diamond-colored rings, according to your personal taste and personality. That said, let’s have a closer look at the trendiest wedding rings.


Engraved rings are usually the choice of girls who look for something different and unique. Depending on the engravement style, these weddings rings can look similar to regular rings. Many brides are keen to choose rings with shiny lobes as they are different, attractive, and shiny.


For classic brides, they can choose gold engagement rings; it is preferable to choose 14 or 18 karat gold because it is more durable and elegant. If you prefer white gold rings, be sure to choose rhodium-plated, as it enhances the color and shape of the ring. It is important to know that a white gold ring requires more care so it doesn’t lose its luster and elegance.

Mixed Metals

If you're still not sure about what kind of metal to choose for your wedding band, you can go for a mixed-metal ring. It has become very popular recently. Mixed-metal rings have different amazing combinations, such as platinum and rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, and many other options.

Stylish Triple Rings

Why wear a single wedding ring when you can wear three together? Triple wedding rings are elegant and timeless. They’re the 2021-2022 brides’ new favorites. Cartier's triple rings come in 3 shades of gold (rose gold, symbolizing love, yellow gold symbolizing fidelity, and white gold symbolizing friendship). With so many jewelers selling this design today, you won't have a problem finding the perfect piece that matches your unique style.

Bowknot Rings

If you are a delicate bride who loves bows, why not choose a diamond wedding ring in the shape of a bow? The bowknot ring trend is a different, cute, and funky jewelry trend! Your ring can have the stones that you prefer in several shapes and sizes. The bow-shaped wedding ring is perfect for the elegant bride who likes to stand out and look more feminine.

Spiral Rings

If you want a classic wedding band with an edgy bonus, without losing its elegance and sophistication, a spiral wedding band is definitely what you are looking for. Since the spiral or twisted shape is similar in design to the symbol of infinity, which in turn symbolizes eternal love, this design will add a new meaning to your wedding ring and define the meaning of eternal love!

Square Rings

How about choosing a unique, different, simple, and timeless engagement ring? The trend of square engagement rings has become one of the most viral and unique styles in the world! Although it is unconventional for some, a square engagement ring is very elegant and unique. Square shaped engagement rings are trendy, elegant and different. They are actually more comfortable than round ones as they don't restrict the movement of your fingers.

Two-Banded Rings

If you’re looking for a unique and special engagement ring, go for a two-banded ring. It is one of the most popular bridal jewelry trends. Many stars have caught people’s eyes wearing this ring, such as Natalie Portman. There are many beautiful forms of two-banded rings, such as puzzle rings, where you can wear your two rings together like puzzle pieces.

Solitaire Pair

For modern brides with extravagant budgets, platinum rings with diamonds are the perfect choice. They are more durable than other types of rings and their luster lasts for a long time. They’re also considered the most expensive types of wedding bands. So, depending on your budget, there is a great variety of options.


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