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Tips to choose wedding dress that matches your body type.

Wedding dresses shopping time is the moment every bride have been waiting for, wedding gowns have different styles and types , the multiple options can make the decision hard. Sometimes you might fall in love with the dress from the first look, but after trying it on you feel that it’s not nice while wearing it, and the reason is that you might have chosen a dress that doesn’t suit your body type, so here are some tips will ease your choosing process:

know your body type:  In order to select the right dress you need to know your body type.

Pear shaped body:  -If your shoulders and upper body are proportionally smaller than your lower body, then you probably have a pear shape.  Look for an A-line length that progressively expands out from your waistline in the shape of an A. It's crucial to draw attention to your stomach, which should have a slim form that extends from your hips and thighs. Choose a spaghetti-strap and V neckline to make your upper body appear more thin.

Apple or round shape:  is noticeable on brides who possess a larger breast, narrow hips, and a fuller torso. You tend to have lean legs and limbs and a more rounded torso.  Consider styles with a delicate or straight shape, such an empire or A-line dress. These outfits will create the appearance of a curvier and more proportionate figure thanks to their flared skirts that flow through the waistline. Additionally, dresses with lower necklines and more detail on the chest area will direct attention upward and away from your body's fuller midsection.

Inverted triangle:  You most likely have a triangle shape if your shoulders and upper body are proportionately larger than your lower body. Your column shape may be caused by broad shoulders, a narrower waist, and smaller hips.  Choose a symmetrical or v-neck style because they both complement the inverted triangle design beautifully. Your form is further enhanced with fuller straps and sleeves, which also soften the look of your shoulders. Dresses with additional detail, like lace or embellishments, may be something you want to search for since they will make you appear more balanced.

Rectangle body shape:   The rectangle body type, often gives brides a straighter form with shoulders, hips, and waist all falling within the same measurement. You can also be tall, with a modest breast and little waist definition.  A-line, empire, ball gowns, and princess-style dresses should be your go-to styles because they have a fuller bottom, which will help define your shape and give the appearance of a curvier figure.



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