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Five things you must have in your carry-on bag when you go on your Honeymoon!

It's a traveler's worst nightmare: Sitting at baggage claim and your suitcase is nowhere to be found, meaning the clothes on your back are the extent of your wardrobe for the next few days. Not any more! With a bit of preparation and a few fashion essentials stashed in your carry on, we'll show you how you can survive the day or two it takes to track down your bag without sacrificing style. Follow our tips below and you'll be able to scrape by without an emergency trip to the duty free gift shop.


Tip 1: Use a carry on that doubles as a purse.

 No need to pack a heavy-duty, leather satchel for your tropical vaca. This dark straw tote is big enough to hold everything you need on the plane, and chic enough to use throughout your honeymoon—whether on the beach or out to dinner! 


Tip 2: Always have your swimsuit ready.

 Whether they lost your luggage or you weren't able to get an early check in, having a swimsuit on-hand ensures your ready to start your honeymoon the minute you spy the beach. Also having one on hand is very convinient and hassle-free. It will allow you the luxury of riding the waves as soon as want!

Tip 3: Pack a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant crepe dress. 

Even if it's shoved in your carry on, you'll be able to whip out this little mini at a moment's notice to pull double-duty as a beach cover up and evening cocktail dress. Make sure, it's wrinkle resistant though, nothing says messy like a wrinkled dress!

Tip 4: Always, always pack comfortable flats. 

Neutral flip-flops made of luxe-looking leather are casual enough for the beach, but can also be worn with your black slinky dress for dinner. Having cofortable flats on hand means that your poor legs wouldn't need to suffer for too long. You just whip them out at a moment's notice the moment you feel like your legs can't carry you anymore. 

Tip 5: Throw a maxi skirt over your swimsuit for a quick change

Your one-piece acts like a fitted top when paired with a high-waisted skirt—the perfect outfit for a day of sightseeing! It's also the mst convinent out fit there is, want a small romantic dinner but you're unable or you're unwilling to change out of your swimsuit? Throw on the Maxi Skirt! Want to go sightseeing but you're on a tight schedule and you have no time to change? The Maxi Skirtis here to help!

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