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8 Spectacular Winter Honeymoon Destinations Inside of Egypt

What’s more romantic than feeling warm and cozy next to your husband on cold evenings? Nonetheless, most brides who choose to get married in the wintertime may be a bit concerned about choosing a proper honeymoon destination. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Today, we prepared a list of 8 winter destinations inside Egypt, where you can create unforgettable memories.

Siwa Oasis

It is located in the Western Desert of Egypt and it is one of the most breathtaking honeymoon destinations ever. Even though it is far away from Cairo, with approximately a 12-hour distance, you will find it fascinating and worth it. In the wintertime, the weather is warm throughout the day, but it can get very cold at night. There, you will find amazing historical temples and experience natural sand that is used for medical purposes. You can stay at any of these top-rated hotels: Qasr El Salam, Siwa Relax, Retreat, or Albabenshal Lodge Siwa.


This is a perfect relaxation spot and a fun place full of activities. Enjoy the beautiful nature, amazing beaches, and breathtaking mountains. You also get to taste delicious Bedouin food. In addition, Nuweiba is an awesome spot for meditation and yoga as well. The weather is warm and beautiful, which makes it one of the top winter destinations in Egypt. It is six hours away from Cairo if you’re taking a car and almost 8 hours away when taking a bus. According to people’s reviews, these are the top hotels: Nuweiba Club Resort, Nakhil Inn Nuweiba, and Safari Beach Nuweiba.

Sahl Hashish

No wonder why this is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Egypt. There are tons of activities you can do there; you get to enjoy golf courses and horseback riding. There is also a great variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, and gardens. You and your hubby can relax in a luxury yacht marina, which is an awesome spot for honeymooners. The easiest way to travel there is on a flight to Hurghada, then you can take a taxi to your hotel.

Luxor and Aswan

The warm weather and breathtaking historical temples are what make Luxor and Aswan the perfect winter honeymoon destination. To live the full experience, go on a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor for a few days, where you can witness and appreciate the beauty of our Nile River. You can also take the air balloon in Luxor during sunrise, visit Banana Island, and take a felucca for extra fun.


Many people may overlook visiting a place like Nubia. However, living this experience, where you get to reside in Nubian houses will make a special and unique honeymoon. You will encounter a whole new adventure with different, kind people. You can also take a felucca rise there to enjoy the amazing scenery of Nubian houses and temples on the shores of the Nile.


Nothing beats the beauty of nature. Taba is a fantastic place that allows you to connect with nature. You can visit Abo Galom and live the safari experience in the White and Colored Canyon. You can rent a yacht in Taba for a day to watch beautiful coral reefs in the area. Taba has plenty of amazing activities for couples who love adventure. Discover the desert on quad bikes or camel expeditions, go sightseeing in Coloured Canyon, Pharaoh Island, St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Mousa, and Salah El Din Citadel. You can also explore underwater life and enjoy your time on the beach. There are so many things to do in Taba during your stay.


Dahab is one of the nicest, most beautiful beach towns in Egypt, located in South Sinai. There are several fun things to do there; from adrenaline-fueled activities to plenty of ways to enjoy mother nature, you can choose whatever you like. The majority of people love Dahab for its famous promenade, where cafés, shops, and restaurants are located by the beautiful Red Sea. The most exciting part is that each café and restaurant give you beach access! The best hotels there are Jaz Dahabeya, Tropitel Dahab Oasis, and Swiss Inn Resort Dahab.

El Gouna

The most astonishing thing about El Gouna is that no matter what kind of entertainment you are looking for, you will find it there. If you’re looking for an exhilarating time on your honeymoon, you can enjoy diving in the mesmerizing red sea, kitesurfing, snorkeling, fishing, playing golf, karting, and horseback riding. For the best experience, you can reserve a room in any of these top-notch hotels: Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna, Cook’s Club El Gouna, or Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna.


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