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In-flight Beauty Ideas To Look Fresh On Your Honeymoon

After the wedding you start packing for your honeymoon. You get ready to travel to your romantic trip with your husband. Surely you want to look beautiful and glowing in your honeymoon as you looked at your wedding. If you want to look fresh and glowing, there are some beauty items you should have with you when it comes to flying, especially if it will take a long hours.



  • If you want the fresh look try to stay hydrated and drink a good amount of water as it will reflect on your skin and make you look good.



  • Take some rest and try to get comfy as much as you can. You can get a sleepy mask and a neck pillow to stay in your flight comfortable.



  • Pamper yourself with your favorite moisturizer. This is an important and effective step to stay fresh and radiant through your flight and during your honeymoon.
  • A must-have beauty item you should take with you is your facial cleanser. It will remove excessive dirt off your face and keep the PH balance of your skin.
  • Give your delicate under eye skin some extra care and apply anti-puffiness cream. Massage it around your eyes area. It will help you look fresh and less tired.
  • It is preferable to remove your make up. Leaving on your make up for long hours will make the dirt and excessive skin oil accumulate in your skin pores. Remove your make up with a makeup remover wipes.



 Having a flight for long hours is exhausting. Packing your beauty essentials during your flight will help you look calm, relaxed and fresh. They will make you enjoy the flight and look radiant on your honeymoon trip as well.


By: YWG Team


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