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L Makan is THE place for event planning

L Makan is the perfect venue where you can throw one hell of an unforgettable event and enjoy your time without worrying about anything going wrong. That’s why we will be having L Makan at Cairo Wedding Festival at Uptown Cairo on the 21st of April, 2017, where all the wedding venue giants meet.

Located at Ismailia desert road, L Makan spreads over a spacious landscape of a sumptuous villa, garden and a pool area; all to cater to your services. From the place’s design and decorations to the food, L Makan provides the best service that tailors all your needs. Whether it’s a birthday, fashion show or even a wedding, stepping into L Makan, you will definitely be stepping into the right place.

L Makan will show you how to throw an extravagant event with all the perfect details. Organizing an event will never be easier!


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