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Top 10 Venues for Amazing Outdoor Weddings

With the closing of some of the indoor wedding venues due to COVID19, outdoor venues have become the only option for brides. Whether your wedding is on the coldest days of winter or a springy, sunny day, outdoor venues can be an excellent option for you. That said, we’ll show you the top 10 open-air wedding venues in Egypt.

Baron Palace

Located on Orouba Road in Heliopolis, the Baron Palace is one of the finest historical outdoor venues, where you can have a magical wedding, combining the charm of the oriental design with the Indian style. The wedding ceremony fees for 300 guests are 60k; for 400 guests, the fees are 90k.

Mohamed Ali Palace, Manial

This amazing venue is located in Al-Manial district on Al-Rawda Island, where you can have the wedding of your dreams and unleash your inner Disney princes in a legendary atmosphere in the charming palace garden. The wedding ceremony fees for 300 people are 60k. For every extra 100 guests, there will be an extra 30k fee.

Royal Club Mohamed Ali

Royal Club Mohamed Ali is located in the extension of Al-Bahr Al-A’zam Street. With an exquisite Nile view, you can have your wedding in the amazing garden. What makes the place more special is the beautiful newlyweds’ entry from a boat that takes them to the venue from the other side of the Nile. You can rent the place for your special event for 12k. You may need to pay extra for the setup of decorations, lighting, and sound system.

Royal Lily

Royal Lily will bring back the joy and happiness of your wedding planning process and make it a stress-free experience for the newlyweds. It is the perfect wedding venue as it provides you with many unique features to choose from within your required budget. Its open-air hall is overlooking the enchanting Nile River, making your big day extra special. Sail aboard the Royal Lily yacht and enter the venue in style. Their packages start from 80k for 150 guests.

Nūt Boutique

If you’re looking for a venue that looks nice and classy with a beautiful garden for your big day, Nūt Boutique is the perfect place. It is extremely convenient for engagements, wedding parties, and any special event in general. Nūt is a boutique farm lodge that is located on the eastern edge of Cairo.

Maison de Joie

Indulge in the beauty of nature at the mesmerizing outdoor space of Maison de Joie, where you can have the fairytale wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Maison de joie is also the perfect venue for a phenomenal romantic photoshoot by their stunning lake with the charm of waterfalls and a touch of breathtaking greenery.

The Smokery Katameya Heights

You may know this place as an amazing restaurant, but what you may not know is that it is a fabulous outdoor venue for your wedding. Located in Katameya Heights New 9 Club House, the all-mosaic outdoor wedding area is overlooking a mesmerizing and peaceful view. You definitely won’t have to worry about getting your heels stuck in the grass.

Villa Belle Epoque

If you’re looking for a serene, cozy space for your big day, this beautiful villa can host your intimate, open-air event. You can also enjoy an unforgettable romantic night at the boutique hotel. Belle Epoque is located in Maadi, which makes it a perfect location that suits your guests regardless of where they’re coming from. The villa can host weddings with a maximum of 80 guests, so if you’re looking for a small wedding, this place will deliver.

Al Azhar Park

If you’re dreaming of a magical wedding in an open-air venue at an affordable price, Al Azhar Park is the perfect location. Studio Misr is a spectacular venue in Azhar Park, where you can make your wedding an astounding, unforgettable night.

Sky Executive Resort

Located behind Air Forces Hospital - Tagamo’ Al Khames - New Cairo, Sky Executive Resort is one of the top hotel venues to have the wedding of your dreams. The outdoor area is spacious enough to host up to 400 people at affordable prices. With a minimum of 100 guests, the prices start from 600 EGP per person.


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