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6 Things Couples Should Talk About Before Marriage

Starting a new life with your partner requires you to talk about EVERYTHING! And we don’t mean to talk about wedding details and bedroom decorations. We mean to talk about those important things most people look over in the pre-wedding phase. You need to start planning your next phase of your life precisely and the best way to do so is to talk about it with your partner. These are the few important things you need to discuss with you loved one before you get hitched.

#1 Money

After the wedding is over you will find yourself in one household with your partner. This means shared everything. Everything will be doubled by two. You and your partner need to discuss how you will handle...well, money. This means where will the money go to and how will it be spent. We hear that the number one marriage problems is related to money, so it’s better to stay on the safe side and discuss this topic before you get hitched.    

#2 Having Children

You may find it unusual but some people just don’t want to have kids. They have their reasons. You need to know beforehand whether your partner wants kids or not and when do they want to have kids. That way you both will reach a mutual understanding, instead of finding out that you don’t want the same things as your partner after marriage.

#3 Any secrets you are keeping away from your partner

Don’t ever think that after you get your partner to marry you, they are trapped and they have nowhere to go. So by then you will be okay to tell them any secrets you’ve been keeping, even your darkest secret and they won’t run away or get angry. It’s better to let your partner in on everything in your life, don’t keep secrets from them. And before the wedding make sure to tell them all those dirty secrets you’ve been hiding.  

#4 Where would you live

As much as it’s important for couples to pick out the perfect house to live happily ever after in. It’s important that they are both on the same page of where they would have to locate to. If both of you work in different areas, then you are going to have to find a middleground and look for the perfect alternative to the situation. Someone would have to compromise, of course, and the best way is always to talk about it.

#5 Future plans

Couples would be excited about the wedding and the honeymoon. And they wouldn’t be thinking about their future as much. But something that should be discussed is life plans and life goals. And if you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about those things with your partner, who would you talk about it with?

#6 Who does what

You need to figure out who’s going to take care of what. Who will be responsible for the houseshores and who will bring in the money? things like that. So that no one would be expecting something more from the other partner than what they are willing to give. Figure out if your partner is expecting help around the house and you aren’t willing to give that. Figure out if your partner is expecting you to maintain a fulltime job and you aren’t willing to. Etc. these things are important to discuss before marriage to avoid any fights or arguments after marriage.    

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