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10 Wedding Traditions You May Have Not Heard Of

Modern Egyptian weddings have been known to be over the top. Traditions in wedding ceremonies have been carried out through the years, and we continue to do them, some we know why we do them and others we just do them, because...well, "it’s tradition!"

#1 Women pinch the bride for good luck.

#2 The bride’s mother does all the cooking for the couple for a week after the wedding, so that the bride could enjoy her time and relax.

#3 The groom’s popularity is measured by the amount of tossing he gets!

#4 In the marriage contract, the family of the bride has to declare if the bride is getting married for the first time or has been married before.

#5 Wedding ceremonies are for families to show off their wealth.

#6 The bride buys the groom’s Pjs.  

#7 Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to make marriage legal and allow divorce.They used to toss wheat at the couple during the wedding ceremony as a sign of fertility.

#8 Henna on the hands and feet is for good luck.

#9 In rural areas, after the couple leave the ceremony, the guests continue celebrating.

#10 Car parade is a part of the Zaffa. You may find continuous car honking and cars hogging the streets just to celebrate the bride and groom annoying, but hey it’s part of the traditional Zaffa too.

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