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5 Different Cultures, 5 Different Wedding habits.

Culture is always the watermark of every country. Each one is characterized by unique habits and when it comes to weddings there is always a special charactersitic in every different countries.

It’s never the same around the world that’s why we gathered for you 5 different countries with 5 different things they do during their wedding.

India: No Jewelry only Henna

In India, the bride prefers to wear henna instead of gold jewlery. She spends hours getting Mehndi (skin paint made from henna). The painting process takes a lot of time because they cover every part of the hand and arms with the henna but the results are really worth it and lasts for at least two weeks.

Interestingly Mehndi is not only for the look, but also is used to calm the bride out from the stress she feels during the wedding day.


China: A bonding cup of tea 

China’s tradition is really a bonding one. The bride would serve tea for her family and her husband’s family before and after the ceremony to show love and appreciation for them.

This habit is not only for bonding, but after each member of the two families takes a sip from their cup of tea, they hands the couple a lai see (red envelop which contains money or valuable gift) on the tea tray.


Cuba: Want to dance? Pay

In Cuba dancing with the bride is expensive!

They have a habit that every man who dances with the bride has to pin money on to her dress. This custom is not only for fun but it’s done the couple pay for the wedding and the honeymoon.


Germany: Break it to show the bond

Baumstamm Sägen is a great tradition in Germany, where the German newlywed in the ceremony keep cuting or doing some challenge infront of the guests. This tradition is originally done to symbolize how the couple will work together as they face challenges and problems in their marriage.  


Congo: Smile and divorce.

A wedding is a beautiful happy night for the newlywed couple. 

However, this is never the case in Congo, The bride and the groom are required to never smile in the wedding, they have to show seriousness.

They said that if they smiled that’s means that they are not serious about their marriage. Also you can check 10 Wedding Traditions You May Have Not Heard Of 

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