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A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride

Each Girl dreams of the wedding day, either hers or her best friend’s.
They have been planning this day together since kindergarten and when it’s the time the bride’s first preference is her bridesmaids essentials.

A bride usually offers to her bridesmaid a small box of souvenirs in her bachelorette. This souvenir is always related to the wedding.

And we are offering to you some ideas and things to include in the box:

The Wedding Invitation

A Bag of Candies

A Mini-Pack of Tissues or wipes

The bridal robe

Gift Accessories 

A hand-written letter for each one

Your photos together

A customized mug

A travel mirror

Hair piece

Nail polish

A card gift

Lipstick or lip balm 

Body scrub or creams

Also we offer you best 10 bridesmaid dress colors

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