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Pre-wedding Depression and How to Overcome It

The closer your wedding day is, the more nervous and stressed you become. The tons of preparations and planning you’re busy doing may force you to overlook your mental health. We know that you’ve been dreaming about a fairy-tale wedding since you were a little girl. However, it is mandatory to care for your mental health before the big day to avoid mental disorders, or worse, depression. This guide will help you overcome any hardships that you may face prior to your wedding, so read on.

Tune Down the Wedding

Many brides get cold feet due to the immensity of the wedding. Too many details can be overwhelming for you, so it is best to scale down the wedding ceremony and include only what is super important to you and the groom.

Practice Deep-Breathing Techniques

Count from one to ten while breathing in and out slowly. This technique helps you to relax and feel calm. Whenever you feel like you have a lot on your shoulders to handle, just sit back and breathe. It will only take you less than a minute, but it will surely have a positive impact on you.

Happy Thoughts

If your feet start to feel cold, imagine them walking on the beach or stepping into a warm pool with your hubby. Don’t let negative thoughts control your mind; you’re marrying the love of your life, your wedding day will be phenomenal, and you’re going to be very happy.

Talk to Your Parents

The one thing that all brides-to-be fear the most is departing with their parents. You may think that you’re going to miss living with them and being their little pampered girl. Don’t let that thought occupy your mind. You will always be their precious daughter and you can see them whenever you want. Turn to your mom and dad and have a heart-to-heart conversation; they just know what to say in these situations.

Consult Other Brides

Sharing your thoughts with other brides-to-be and newlyweds before your wedding is similar to having group therapy. Talking to others and sharing experiences will help you vent out and express all your feelings and anxiety, which will make you feel that you’re not alone. Try to talk to happy couples, if possible, and ask them if they had cold feet and how they overcame it.

Seek Medical Help

If all of the above solutions don’t work for you, don’t hesitate to consult a psychiatrist. It is abnormal to not be able to sleep, eat, or concentrate before your wedding, so if you suffer from any of these things, you should always seek support.

Too much is going on in your life right now while you’re preparing for the big day. Even though this is the day you’ve been fantasizing your whole life, feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension may strike hard. Nothing is more important than your mental health, so if you’re feeling depressed or having cold feet, try the listed tips to help you overcome these feelings and brighten up your mood.

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