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Have A Look at Some Wedding Outfits from All Around the World!

A white dress and veil are the first things that pop into our minds when the word “wedding” is mentioned. Most brides from the Middle East and Western countries wear the white dress that we all know. However, there is a multitude of other cultures that have distinctive wedding outfits. That said, let’s have a closer look at what brides from different cultures wear on their big day.


As displayed in Bollywood, an Indian bride, no matter what her religion or beliefs are, wears a Sari or Lehenga on her wedding day. A Sari is a very long thick fabric that gets rolled around the waist to make a skirt, while a Lehenga is basically a top and skirt that have lots of beads and details. Red is the most known color for bridal gowns, but brides can still wear fuchsia, emerald green, or blush pink.


In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride wears a white kimono for the ceremony, which stands for purity and chasteness. In the reception, the bride can wear a red kimono that symbolizes good luck and fortune.


The color red in China symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and good luck. Chinese people believe that this color can keep evil spirits away. Therefore, it is no surprise that the bridal outfits in traditional Chinese weddings are always red. The dress that the Chinese brides wear is called a Qipao.


Nigeria is a large country that has over 500 languages and almost 250 ethnic groups. With this huge diversity, wedding ceremonies differ according to ethnic background, religion, and region. However, a Nigerian bride usually wears a bright-colored outfit along with a head tie called a Gele.


Ghanaian traditional weddings are very cheerful and colorful. Every family has its distinctive cloth pattern that is worn by both the bride and groom and is the main theme for the wedding party, which is called Kente. This unique cloth has several colors and patterns that have a specific meaning.


In Morocco, the bride wears a unique Takshita that looks like a Kaftan, a traditional garment that women wear on happy occasions such as weddings. Throughout the wedding, the bride changes into multiple outfits that can go up to six or seven different ones.


A Palestinian bride wears a traditional costume called a Thobe, which is a gown with long sleeves and is most distinctive for its hand-embroidered art known as “Tatreez.” The Thobe incorporates beautiful colorful patterns, which symbolize the region where the bride is from. The bride also puts on a traditional headdress called, al-suffeh, which is full of gold coins all around the head.


Even though a Sudanese bride wears a white bridal gown, on one of the wedding celebration days (that can reach up to 6 days) the bride wears a red silk dress known as Toub. She wears this unique dress on the last day of the celebration, which is called Jertig.


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