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How to Welcome Your Guests as a New Bride 101

Although the wedding ceremony is over, the preparations are still ongoing. All the arrangements now should be focused on welcoming your guests at home for the first time as a new bride. From the hospitality and decorations to your choice of clothes and makeup, there is a lot to take care of. It is necessary to receive your guests after the wedding in a proper and tidy manner. Here’s the etiquette of receiving your guests for the first time after getting married.


The most important thing to do before the guests arrive is to get ready and be prepared to receive them. Your hair, makeup, and clothes should all be appropriate and neat. However, you need to keep it simple. After all, you’re not going out on a night date. Your look should be simple and classy.

Home Preparations

First impressions last! That’s why you need to ensure that your home is in its best condition. Make sure to tidy up, clear off the clutter, and light a few scented candles to make your home smell amazing. Every corner in your home should be immaculate, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Remember that elderly women pay attention to small details, so make sure you’re thorough in your cleaning. Furthermore, fill a wicker basket with face towels and soap bars and place it in the guests’ bathroom as a sign of hospitality.


Your preparations don’t end at the wedding dress and honeymoon outfits. You must also pay attention to choosing proper outfits for receiving guests. The clothes you wear when welcoming your visitors have a strong impression on them. Therefore, you must refrain from wearing dark-colored clothes. Stay away from black, dark blue, brown, and the likes. Instead, choose cheerful shades that reflect your joyful personality and showcase your beauty.

Makeup and Hair

Wearing a thin layer of light make-up makes you look more natural and delicate. Remember that you’re not going to a festival or luxurious event, so keep it simple and classy. Your hairstyle also needs to look neat and moderate. Stay away from big chignon and messy buns; you need to look simple and sleek at the same time. If you’re going to wear Hijab, make sure it complements the color of your outfit in order to look smart and elegant.

Welcoming Etiquette

When the guests arrive, your husband must open the door, greet them with a smile, and welcome them inside. After a minute or two, you can make your entrance and welcome them happily with a smile. Make sure you don’t take too long to greet the guests; you must be ready before the time of their arrival. You don’t want to make them feel unwelcome or embarrassed.

Keeping up with Traditions

Egyptian families have this habit of seeing a bride’s apartment and its décor and furniture. So, after welcoming them, offering food and drinks, and chatting for a while, start asking them to accompany you to see the apartment. This will be a nice gesture from you, where you get to explain how you chose the design of every room. This is usually a conversation starter that will help you have several topics to talk about.


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