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Create a Gorgeous Photo Album by Choosing One of These Amazing Photo Session Locations!

Although your wedding day is the most unique event in your life that will always be memorable to you, wedding photos make this occasion more special and memorable. Whenever you look back at them, all the happy memories will come back to you. That’s why choosing a beautiful location for your photo session is extremely important! You don’t want to regret that decision every time you look at your wedding pictures. On that note, we’ll show you the best location ideas where you can have an amazing photoshoot.

The Baron Palace

Imagine this historic phenomenon as the background of your wedding pictures! The Baron Palace is an exceptional architectural building that will surely add up to your wedding photoshoot. You will be in awe of its beauty and ancient design. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to take a photo from above the stairs; trust me you will love it!

Salah El-Din Citadel

The historic background and brilliant architecture of this place make it one of the best photo session locations. Let the sun rays coming from the ancient classic windows hit you while posing romantically as a couple.

The Giza Pyramids

Get creative with your angles and poses to capture beautiful photos at this location. Although it is recommended to listen to the professional who’s clicking the camera, feel free to do whatever you feel like and be spontaneous. With the Pyramids and Sphinx in your background, you will have fantastic pictures.

Parks or Gardens

Nothing beats the beauty of greenery and flowers, especially when you’re looking for an attractive backdrop! That’s why parks and gardens are great locations for a wedding photoshoot. According to the season you’re getting married in, some parks may have roses, while others have gorgeous trees. There are plenty of parks and gardens in Cairo, such as Al Azhar park, Orman Garden, Safari Park, Al Andalus Park, International Park, Aquarium Grotto (El Gabalaya).

Beautiful Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for greenery and flowers but want a more private space, you can have your photo session inside a colorful neighborhood. If you, the groom, or a friend of yours lives in a villa with beautiful scenery, you can use it as your photo session location. You can also check residential compounds that have amazing scenery, lakes, tennis clubs, and pools, such as Katameya Heights, Mountain View Hyde Park, and Uptown Cairo.


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