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Wear These Gorgeous Dresses Inspired by Celebrities on Your Katb El-Ketab

If you’ve decided to celebrate your Katb El-Ketab separately some time before your wedding, you need to find a glamorous dress that suits this special occasion. Although it is not officially your wedding, it is still an event that celebrates you becoming a Mrs. instead of a miss. If you like to wear a dress that is inspired by celebrity looks, keep reading for some phenomenal dresses to wear on your special occasion.

Angeline Jolie

If you don’t want your dress to be too long or too short, this one is for you. Not only will this dress make you look drop-dead gorgeous, but will also be extremely suitable for your special occasion. It is excellent for a morning celebration, but it can also be worn at night by adding a golden belt and earrings.

Kate Middleton

Go for a romantic, sensational dress to show your femininity and elegance. This one-shoulder dress looks delicate and chic, especially with the soft fabric material that makes it flowy. You can add a belt of your choice to accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer.

Megan Markle

This dress is super special because of its unique design. You don’t see dresses like that every day, so if you want to look different, this style is for you. This dress will look extremely good if you have a pear body shape because it will make your shoulders look wider to parallel your wide hips and make you look exquisite.

Kim Kardashian

We cannot talk about white dresses and not mention Kim Kardashian who is known for her curvy body that makes white dresses, in specific, look gorgeous on her. If you want to show off your hourglass figure, you can definitely go for this one. You can make this look more glamorous by adding silver accessories to make you stand out.

Anne Hathaway

Looking attractive as well as reserved is not a difficult equation anymore. This stunning dress with its embroidery and sleek shape is what makes it a special number. Wearing a figure-hugging dress can truly accentuate your beauty and make your day more special.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo is known for her daring looks, however, today’s pick is a subtle knee-length dress with lace sleeves and shoulders. It looks extremely elegant and chic and very suitable for your special event. You can replace the lace choker with a golden or silver one to add more glam to the look.


As sleek and simple as it looks, this dress is very occasion-appropriate, especially if you don’t want to look extra. However, it has a daring back, so if you’re not comfortable with the revealing bit, you can adjust the back to suit your preference.

Camila Morrone

This dress might be similar to Beyonce’s, but with a few alterations. For starters, Camila is wearing a satin gown that adds a touch of femininity and delicacy. If Beyonce’s dress is too plain for you, you can go for these puffy sleeves in Camila Morrone’s dress. The high neckline, buttoned wrists, and tail also make this dress look more royal and aristocratic.


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