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Learn More about What to Write in A Guest Book for the Newlyweds!

It may seem that what you write in a wedding guestbook is not that big a deal. However, it really matters to the couple. Over time, they go over their guestbook and reread the messages. The guestbook entries provide verbal souvenirs for newlyweds who will love to read the messages for years to come. So, if you want to write a wedding guestbook message that can be both memorable and unique, keep reading for some awesome tips.

Keep It Brief

Remember that wedding guestbooks are not your personal diary, so try to keep your message short and focused. However, if you have the opportunity to increase your lines, feel free to write some more sentences. Note that other people want to sign as well, so make sure not to take over the signing time or large space in the book. Moreover, everyone else who signs the book can see your entry, so try not to be too personal.

Your Relationship with the Couple

What you write in a guestbook correlates with your relationship with the couple. For example, if you’re a work colleague, you can deliver a simple and straightforward message, but if you’re a dear friend, you can write a more personal message. The person closest to the couple can share more specific or emotional feelings in a handwritten note. If you are that person, you need to mention the bride and groom, even if you know one better than the other. This is their wedding and it's completely about the two of them.

Be Careful with the Jokes

The humor of written words can be tricky. What you may find funny can be perceived very differently by others. To be on the safe side, stick to good memories, compliments, or something that can’t be misunderstood. If you attempt to write examples like these, “We finally got rid of you!” or “at last someone finds you tolerable to live with,” the couple may find it inappropriate and might as well risk your relationship with them.

Plan It Ahead

How many times did stand in front of a wedding guestbook with a blank mind? It may come as a shock to the couple when they see your two-word message – Best wishes, especially when you’re a close friend! If it is hard for you to come up with a unique message or memorize the lines you want to write, jot your message down a few days before the wedding and copy it to the guestbook. This way, you’ll be sure that you convey the exact message you want to share with the couple.

Still Don’t Know What to Write, Copy These:

From Anyone:

"Two is always better than one. I am thrilled that both of you found one another. Get ready for an amazing, long, and happy marriage ahead of you.”

"All the best to the couple, wishing you a happy marriage and lifetime of endless love."

"Best wishes to the beautiful bride and groom on their big day! To many years of happiness and love to come.”

From Work:

"Wishing you both lots of happiness as you begin your new life together."

"What a beautiful celebration of your marriage! So happy I could be a part of this wonderful day with you."

From A Close Friend:

"Both of you mean the world to me. Sharing this day with you as you start your married life together is a privilege I'll never forget. Thank you for including me in your special day."

From A Future Family Member:

“I sincerely welcome you to our family; lots of love”


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