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Let’s Have a Look Back at 2021 Celebrity Weddings

2021 has witnessed many celebrities tying the knot. From actors to influencers to entrepreneurs, the list goes on. Let’s go through some of them and talk about the lovely details, shall we?

Nelly Karim and Hisham Ashour

The beautiful superstar Nelly Karim was finally united with the dashing Hisham Ashour. In a romantic setting on the North Coast by the beach, the couple celebrated their love. Thanks to social media, we were able to see some amazing pictures of the wedded couple and Nelly’s stunning look. Nelly Karim wore two drop-dead gorgeous dresses that left us speechless. Many celebrities attended the wedding, such as Amr Diab, Ahmed ElSakka, and May Selim.

Hager Ahmed and Ahmed El-Haddad

Our stunning actress, Hager Ahmed got married to Ahmed El Haddad, the founder of Voss Exotics. Everything about Hager's look was astounding; she wore a sophisticated Zuhair Murad dress, which accentuated her figure and made her look divine. Additionally, her simple yet very flattering makeup that was done by Aya Abdel Hamid was absolutely dazzling. Tamer Hosny was also a part of this celebration, singing some of his famous love songs.

Passant Shawky and Mohamed Farrag

Probably all weddings make you emotional, but seeing Mohammed Farag and Passant Shawky biking to their wedding was a whole different level of emotion. Their simple and chic wedding took place at JW Marriott, where many of our favorite stars, such as Hannah El Zahed, Ahmed Malek, and Asser Yassin were there for the couple. Passant’s romantic dress was executed by Shahira Lasheen and her hair was done by Ahmed Mounir.

Hany Adel and Diamond Abo Aboud

In a small romantic wedding by Dahab’s beach, singer and guitarist, Hany Adel, married Lebanese actress and director, Diamand Abo Aboud, earlier this year. In an Instagram post, Adel wrote that one of his friends told Diamond that no one has ever fixed his heart the way she did.

Hassan Abouelrouss and Ghada Wali

When Abouelrouss said that he takes fun seriously, he really meant it! His wedding took place at ZED Park, where there were clown entertainers, bike stunts, and a fake lion head. We were impressed by his carnival-themed tux and his bride’s dress by Maison Farah Wali that were perfectly adequate for the occasion.

Khaled Eleish and Merihan Amr

Last November, Khaled Eleish and Merihan Amr celebrated their love at a spectacular wedding at the Baron Palace. The beautiful bride wore a unique, off-shoulder gown by Maison Reda. Her stunning makeup with its pink shades that was done by Abdalla elRefaie highlighted her beautiful features, while Khaled Eleish wore a black tux and bow from "Papyonsuits.”

Aly Mazhar and Nada Shatat

On October 15th, Aly Mazhar tied the knot with his best friend, Nada Shatat in a beach wedding in El Alamein. The wedding had a floral theme in the colors white and blue to match the sea. Nada’s hair was styled by Ahmed and Abdou and her flawless makeup was done by Nesma Mansour. The bride's dress was a fitted lace on a beaded gown with flowy sleeves, designed by Salma Osman, while Aly Mazhar’s elegant suit was from Zenga.

Dina Dash and Mahmoud Osman

Her iconic entrance dance and her cute wedding dress turned heads and have been social media’s main topic for several weeks! After a long, 11-year relationship, they finally did it. Obviously, this is why all the guests teared up when they danced to Bruno Mars' "The Rest of My Life."


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