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With These Wedding Themes, Your Big Day Can Be Extra Special and Fun!

If it is time to choose your wedding theme, get ready as you’re about to encounter lots of options. The most important thing you need at this point is to choose a theme that mirrors your personality. Keep reading for some amazing theme ideas that will make your wedding day unique and special.

Destination Wedding Theme

Have you ever visited a country that you instantly fell in love with and wished to have your wedding there? If that’s the case, why don’t you bring the country of your dreams to your wedding? With the help of a professional wedding planner, you can make your favorite country your wedding theme. For instance, if Italy is the country you’re fascinated about, try to include some Italian details to make everyone feel like they’ve been transferred to Rome. You can use a red, green, and white palette and an Italian menu to reinforce the theme.

Disney-Inspired Theme

You’ve probably dressed up as one of your favorite Disney princesses as a little girl at your birthday party, right? You can still live the fantasy by hosting a Disney-themed wedding party, where you can channel your inner princess. It all starts with your gown; make sure your wedding dress is a big, dreamy ball gown that suits the entire theme. Convince your partner to dress like a prince so both of you can complete the picture. You can place a Cinderella carriage in the entrance to prepare guests that they’re about to enter a fairytale.

A Pirate’s Theme

The best thing about summer is that it is the most adequate time to go to the beach and enjoy the sea. What if you can combine your love for the sea with a pirate-themed wedding, where you can channel your inner renaissance lady. You can incorporate this theme in a beach town by the sea or on a ship in the Nile. Go wild and wear pirate costumes! You can choose an off-shoulder medieval dress with embellishments and pearls, while the groom can turn into Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. For the perfect theme, make sure the decor includes tressure boxes, skulls, printed napkins and tablecloths, shells, and some ropes hung on the chairs.


Every bride feels empowered and responsible on her wedding day. If you feel this way, why not channel your inner superheroine. Maybe you can go for a DC character while the groom can choose a Marvel one. He can be The Hulk or Iron Man and you can unleash your inner Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman. The most important aspects of this theme are the costumes and décor elements. For more fun, you can also involve the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the theme, allowing them to become their favorite superheroes.

Harry Potter

For all the Potter heads, this is your chance to experience the wizarding world and spend a day at Hogwarts. Harry Potter books and movies have made a strong impression on multiple generations, which made it one of the most popular party themes. So, get ready to put your robes on and cast spells on your wedding day. The décor requires candles, books, wands, brooms, printed quotes, and any spooky element that refers to the series. Don’t forget to wear a scarf that represents your “house.”


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