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These Seven Signs Should Tell If You’re in a Toxic Relationship!

There is a small, thin line between a healthy and unhealthy relationship that can be crossed very easily and may be difficult to pinpoint. When you’re in a healthy relationship, everything feels kind of smooth. Of course, you might experience some hiccups, but, generally, you love being together. A toxic relationship is another story; it is hard to notice red flags if you are in one. That’s why we’ll go through 7 signs that should tell if you’re in one.

Feeling Bad All the Time

Spending time with your other half should be fun and exciting. If you feel otherwise, something is definitely wrong! Think about it. Do you feel happy when you’re around him? Does he make you feel safe? Do you miss him? If your answer is no to these questions, you know what to do. Getting out of a relationship is never easy. However, staying in an unhealthy one can truly affect your life negatively.

Lack of Trust

Your partner is the one you can be vulnerable with and be the friend who doesn’t judge you no matter what. When there is a lack of trust between the two of you, it is impossible to find security. Trust isn’t just the feeling that your partner will stay faithful, but it is the feeling that his behaviors will be in the best interest to make this relationship work.

Mean Communication

How does your partner communicate with you? Does he yell or shout? Does he use his body for physical intimidation? Does he give you the silent treatment? Couples should never communicate in these ways. Healthy communication is all about expressing your feelings and respecting each other even in your disagreements and is a fundamental aspect of any successful relationship. Additionally, your partner shouldn’t be constantly interrupting or responding aggressively.

Obsessive Control

Every woman likes to be taken care of by her man. But be careful! There is a thin line between care and control. I mean it is okay for him to call and check up on you, but it is unacceptable for him to spy on you or demand to know who you’re with and what you’re doing every hour of the day. This can mean that he doesn’t trust you, which is another crucial sign that this relationship is toxic. Moreover, your man should never control your money, seclude you from your friends, or have access to your private accounts.


If he lies to you about his whereabouts on your birthday to surprise you, that’s absolutely fine! However, if he constantly lies, he probably hides something, or worse, someone, from you. It is very possible that he is cheating or shutting you off his life. Well, if he doesn’t want you to know stuff about him, he obviously doesn’t love you.

Losing Interest

Do you know the feeling when you stop sharing your feelings or worries because nothing is going to change? You shouldn’t be in that place with your partner. Instead, you should be opening up to him and sharing your thoughts, worries, dreams, and anything that you feel like sharing. Don’t stay in a relationship that makes you desperate!

Giving and Not Taking

Life is like a ping-pong game. You have to give and take in order for your life to continue. If your relationship revolves around him and his needs only, this is a toxicity sign. Your man should not ignore your needs. On the contrary, he should do his best to fulfill them as much as he can. If you notice that you’re always the first one to text, late responses to your messages, or find yourself asking him over and over to change his behaviors, RUN!

Relationships are supposed to make our lives perfect and whole. Naturally, every couple may have setbacks, but in the end, they’re happy and inseparable. If this is not how your relationship is, you may be in a toxic one. The longer you stay, the more you’re going to hurt yourself. If you notice all, or any, of the above signs in your relationship, you’re better off!

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