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8 Appointments you need to make before your wedding

With the whirlwind of meetings and appointments you have before your wedding, don’t forget to book these appointments!


1. Dermatologist

Stress can often make your acne break out. And before your wedding you’re nothing but stressed. So make sure your stress doesn’t show on your face and visit your dermatologist to make your acne under control. Moreover, get the best skincare with the best glow.


2. Dentist

As cliché as it sounds, but your smile is your best accessory. Your dentist should be a top priority. Schedule an appointment for teeth whitening and deep cleaning.


3. Facialist

Having a nice facial is one of those pre-wedding rituals. It is not a necessity, but every bride needs papering and this is pampering at its best. Make sure you schedule by a couple of weeks before your wedding just in case your skin is sensitive and becomes red from facials.


4. Laser hair removal

Every girl’s dream is not to shave ever again. Well, there, you have it! Along with a long lasting hair-free smooth skin. Schedule your appointment a couple of months before your wedding as laser takes several sessions.


5. Gynecologist

Going to a gynecologist as a girl can often become a taboo in Egypt. Some girls don’t go to gynecologists unless they get married. But science is nothing to be ashamed of. Break the taboo and get to know your body more.


6. General practitioner

You don’t want to spend your honeymoon sick in bed, do you? Make sure you don’t get sick and visit your general practitioner for any health issues.


7. Nutritionist

We all want to lose weight. But let’s admit, sometimes we over do it. With your wedding coming, you may be over-dieting without you noticing. You don’t want to look fat but you don’t want to look anorexic either. A nutritionist will put you on the right track and you will never feel healthier in your life.


8. Psychologist

It’s okay to seek help if you get too pressured. It’s completely fine. Psychologists are another taboo in Egypt and unfortunately brides wouldn’t like to admit that they need help. But sometimes there is just too much that the bride can’t handle, so it’s better if you seek a professional help.

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